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Günaydin Büyük #fenerbahçe Ailesi Thanks for all support yesterday
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01/19/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Gym day
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The Carl & Johan Purifying Soap, the regenerating cream and the sun protection cream spf30. Good tattoos need to been taking good care of
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Training day ⚽#fenerbahçe
#matchday #fenerbahçe ⚽
My little girl her first day at school I'm so proud of you ❤
Yesterday's training #antalya #fenerbahçe
Back to business after a short break let's make something nice happen this year #fenerbahce
Enjoyed the Bday dinner&party with my Eva diva ❤
Well done boys happy with this win goal✔ assist ✔ win ✔ #fenerbahce
It was not our best performance but we have 3 points #fenerbahçe
Almost Christmas
Top of the group and on to the next round, proud of the team! #FEYvsFBSK #FEYFEN #UEL #fenerbahce
⚽#matchday #FEYvsFBSK #FEYFEN #UEL #fenerbahce
Walking my dogs out ☀
Match day
Having an nice feet treatment preparing for the big game #fenerbahçe-Besiktas
My thoughts are with all the families and friends that have lost loved ones on this terrible tragedy #ForçaChape
Enjoyed my bday week with my friends from way back #dayones