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The Conservative government is "trying to rebuild the economy on the backs of sick and disabled people" - explains Debbie Abrahams.
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I want to save the NHS, because beautiful people like this want to save you
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As Labour's Jonathan Ashworth said, “Jeremy Hunt now needs to tell the whole truth of why patient safety has been put at risk in this way. This has all the signs of a cover up by the Health Secretary and he immediately needs to make clear what he knew and when."

NHS misplaced half a million patient documents - BBC News
Jeremy Corbyn
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We haven’t done enough yet to rebuild trust with people who have been ripped off and sold out for decades and don’t feel Labour represents them.

But if we stand together, I am confident we can do that and turn back the Tory tide.

If Labour stands together we can turn back the Tory tide
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The Conservatives have wrapped Brexit up in fake patriotic posturing - waving the Union Jack while preparing to sell out our public services and consumer protections to US corporations.
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Labour's victory in Stoke shows that hope triumphs over fear.
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UKIP's Paul Nuttall has openly called for privatisation of the NHS. The Tories are privatising and underfunding the NHS. The Labour Party has - and always will - give our NHS the funding it needs.
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In Copeland, the Labour candidate is Gillian Troughton, a former doctor and now a volunteer for St John Ambulance. She will defend the West Cumberland Hospital, jobs and her community. Do you agree we need Gillian to defend our NHS?
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UKIP's Paul Nuttall has openly called for privatisation of the NHS. The Tories are privatising and underfunding the NHS. The Labour Party has and will always given the NHS the funding it needs.
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The Conservatives put the interests of the richest first. We need a government that puts the NHS first. #PMQs
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It's unacceptable that money can be found for Tory pet projects while our state schools are left in disrepair.

This is the real cost of free schools
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Join me at the Scottish Labour Conference, in Perth, on Sunday 26th February.

The Labour Party, under my leadership, is now an anti-austerity party, and stands for a complete break with the rigged economic and political system.

Join me this Sunday and be part of our social movement that will rebuild and transform Britain so that no community is left behind.

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Labour Party Annual Conference - Online Application
Jeremy Corbyn
02/21/2017 at 17:30. Facebook
The NHS is in crisis - it's been created by the Conservatives chronically underfunding our health service for seven years.

The government can prevent the hospital and A&E closures forecasted in the BBC's research in the Budget, in a few weeks’ time. It must chose to provide the funding the NHS and social care need to place it on a truly sustainable footing so patients can access the top...
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Hospital cuts planned in most of England - BBC News
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Labour is committed to a National Education Service, so that people can learn from the cradle to the grave. The Conservatives' failure means we might not even have a basic education service.

As Angela Rayner, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary said, “Children deserve better than this Tory government that is failing to deliver on its most basic of tasks."

Teacher shortage getting worse - BBC News
There is now a state of emergency in our local services.

That emergency is perhaps most acute in social care, an absolute scandal that leaves 1.2 million elderly people without the care they need.

By cutting billions of pounds from local government, Downing Street has created a social care crisis, which according to a study published just yesterday in journal of the Royal Society of Medicine...
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