THANKS to my friend Steve Rechnitz for pledging $500 to One Day's Wages for every 3 pointer I make this season...shout out for giving back!!
Hamazia was forced to stop going to school and flee her home country of Ethiopia due to persecution based on her family’s political affiliations. Like many other solo female refugees, her vulnerability was preyed on, and she was sexually assaulted before reaching Kenya. Hamazia finally made it to Nairobi, but had few resources or connections, and had a newborn baby to take care of.

Tonight I...
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Big W tonight! Wore these adidas Basketball crazylight boosts in honor of my family tonight!! Love my family ... wouldnt be here without them! #linstanation #林家 #threestripes #giveGodtheglory
Happy International Women’s Day!

I feel fortunate that I come from a family of strong women. One of my grandmothers earned her medical degree in Asia and then immigrated to the United States and got her medical license again, in a second language. My other grandmother raised a family of five after my grandfather passed away when my dad was young. My mom championed our passion for basketball...
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Big road win!! Proud of the guys for guttin this one out ... always good seeing Chandler Parsons too (not sure what we were talkin about lol) #BrooklynGrit
Tough game but thankful for my health and my mom coming to watch!! She said "im excited to come to Denver it feels like a field trip" lolllll. Gonna keep working and trusting Him #BrooklynGrit
Tuning the shot #noplacelikehome #westcoastbestcoast
can't wait to troll my family and friends with these emojis lol! [ Link ]

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Join NBA LIVE Mobile and me in ringing in Chinese New Year with a week-long celebration featuring great moments from my career so far, six exclusive “Master” items, and much more!

Download for FREE at #ad
Had a great time at the celebrating Chinese New Year. Shout out to all the fans who came through! #YearoftheRooster
Thank you for everyones support and prayers!! Not gonna lie this seasons been very painful physically/mentally/emotionally not being able to battle w my crew night in night out. But God's teaching me a lot about gratitude for the little things, full surrender of my greatest dreams, humility in service to my teammates and trust in His perfect timing. I'm working extremely hard to get right...
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Man... it's been an interesting time since the last time I blogged. Obviously the most relevant topic is the hamstring, so I'm going to devote this entry to the injury. When it first happened, I was pretty upset because I felt like we were turning a corner as a team in terms of figuring out how to play together. Bringing a new front office, with a new coaching staff, new medical/performance...
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Not the outcome we wanted, but soooo thankful and glad to be able to play again!!! And yes, I know I need a haircut go away #BrooklynGrit #Brooklynstagram #donttakethegameforgranted
Thanks for the everyone!! #inGodstiming #Normatec
Tonight people are asking about my hamstring, but please pray for my friend, Ava, who is fighting Leukemia Cutis instead! Tmrw is a big day for her and today was dedicated to her. She chose my pink shoes, my braid designs and named my stuffed animal Sharky!! Sorry I couldnt finish the game but we got the win. Ava gives me so much perspective and joy! Love you Ava!!! Praying for you!! Team...
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Excited to announce I'll be partnering with One Day's Wages and Eugene Cho this season! I'll be donating "One Game's Wages" to support their work empowering girls with education. Consider joining me by donating or starting your own campaign.

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One word: GRATEFUL!!! Mom liked the game but not the hair lolll #thankGod #thankyoufans #livingmydream
Excited for our season opener tomorrow! New blog post on my transition to Brooklyn ...

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Hahaha ... had fun scaring the crap out of Brooklyn Nets fans with Comedy Central. Watch full version here [ Link ]