Do you know Jesus? Or do you just know about Him? Many people don't realize that they only know about Jesus and they don't actually know Him. If you don't know Him then allow me to introduce you to the best friend you'll ever have - His name is Jesus Christ! If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to make a personal commitment to follow Christ, all you have to do is reach out...
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Do You Know Jesus?
Living your best life requires forgiving and forgetting!
Get inspired to complete what God has called you to do...on time and with joy! Turn your vision into a reality and stay on target to finish what God has called you to do!

The M & M's of Ministry: Motivation and Momentum
The body of Christ is filled with many people. Be proud of what God has given you and don't struggle with trying to fit another believer's "suit"!

If the Suit don't Fit, It's not Yours
God has given power to the Church to enforce His will “...on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10). We have authority to forbid those same things on earth that are forbidden to operate in Heaven. Whatever we permit is what we will have. Whatever we forbid cannot stay. - Cathy

Voice of the Covenant Magazine
Don't get bitter, get better!
Excellence brings attention, favor, and often promotion – it's a trait valued by God and man and will create opportunities in your life that you never thought possible. Pattern your life after a spirit of excellence and just see what God has in store for you!

Excellence of Spirit
No matter what is going on in your life or what you’re believing God for, you can develop the confidence and assurance in God’s Word that produces results. You can experience the life God has for you.

How to Get From Believing to Knowing, Persuaded to Committed
As it is said, the poorest person is not the one without a nickel, but the one without a dream. So, don’t let anyone talk you out of yours! Decide today that you are going all the way with your dreams! Start building the mental map that will bring you into your divine destiny!

Building Mental Maps on the Road to Divine Destiny

Discover the joy of building your dreams from the inside out with this message by Jesse Duplantis. Click here to watch "Building Mental Maps on the...

Forgive, forget, and move on!
There's a lost and dying world around you and you've got the life jacket to save them!

The Ministry of Cheerfulness
Be motivated to live more transparently than ever before. You can accomplish open and honest living, ¬ overcome temptation, ask for forgiveness when you need it, and maintain the precious gift of trust.

The Meaning of Salvation
"Every day I am becoming more valuable to God! I am more spiritually acute today than I was yesterday" - Jesse
Abandon negative thoughts and start seeing yourself as God sees you: a powerful, wonderfully made, and unique person of faith! Be transformed and revived by the living Word of God.

I Am What I Think I Am
You have a birthright that was purchased by the blood of Christ! Draw on your "Christian DNA" instead of relying on your natural inherited tendencies.

The Believer's Birthright: Developing & Understanding Your...
Successfully sown seeds are those that have "...sprang up and increased and brought forth" a harvest to you. Learn how to do some of the things necessary – spiritually and practically – to see your own financial seeds obey Mark 4:8 and start springing up "...some thirty, some sixty, and some a hundred fold!

Dirt Digging Days Are Over

Jess shares about sowing & reaping that will help you shed "dirt-digging" thoughts so that you can start receiving more of God's blessings. Click...

"I never rest from God. If I am not preaching, He is always with me day and night."
- Jesse
ALL. It may be a little word, but with God it has the potential to bring you BIG results. Think BIG and Receive ALL!

"Hurry" and "faith" are incompatible

Your Future is in Your Seed
This is a glorious time to be alive. You don’t need to wait until you get to Heaven for it to flow in and through you. Learn to expect manifestations of God’s presence, power, provision, protection and plan for your life. Then, get ready for Heaven to come down, kiss the earth, and get caught up between the smack! Glory!

Days of Heaven on Earth