This Dad 3D printed a prosthetic arm for his son, and now wants to help other children in need of his work! #prosthetic #technology #3Dprinting

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This "flying car" can hit the roads and the skies for just $1 million! Do you think its worth it? Yes or no?

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Emma-Lea Pearce
Elon Musk wants to connect, and have your brain ultimately improved by a computer. Exciting or dangerous?

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First the Wii, now this! Video games aren't just for couch potatoes anymore! #gaming #technology #VR

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Paul Brown
This would make long distance relationships a little more "bear"-able!

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Irina Logan
Megan Gadd
Sarah Pedersen
Mark Zuckerberg announced that #Facebook's new focus will be augmented reality! These features will include making custom masks, filters, and other effects!

(Image source: Jim Wilson/The New York Times)
Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebooks new focus will be augmented reality These

Augmented Reality is Coming to Facebook! - Stay N Alive
Eric Saferstein
Would you ever turn your smartphone into a laptop?
Jamie Dolan
John Harvey
How would you like to never have to mow your lawn again? Check out this new #tech from Honda! #technology
Stephanie Hubbard
Joshua Snyder
James Teeling
From "augmented reality" earphones to gardening from your phone, here are my favorite gadgets for Spring! Thank you Fox 13's The PLACE for having me on! #technology #spring #spring2017
From augmented reality earphones to gardening from your phone here are my

Top Gadgets for Spring – Fox 13’s The Place
David Stay
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Digital Marketing Power Hour Consulting - Stay N Alive
Imagine if after being paralyzed or growing older you could regain the ability to walk... #technology
Food delivery #robots are servicing San Francisco! Would you ever order food from this? Yes or no? #technology
In this SocialGeek episode, my son JJ unboxes the Oculus Touch - come join us!

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#Technology has brought us to the age of the The Jetsons!
Zoey Carpenter-Kerr
I'm all about automatic watering and as few external, non-natural inputs as possible in my garden - here's how to automatically water your garden without sprinklers!
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Born colorblind, watch this young man see colors for the first time! #technology
Mutaher Ahmed
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