The fault was in the manufacturing? What do you think...? #Samsung

Samsung finally explains what went wrong with those Note 7 batteries
Trying out the Meta V in a pretty cool experience at "Journey to the Center of the Natural Machine", a true mixed reality experience about the makeup of the brain.

The Heartcorps with @dandypunk exhibit at #sundance New Frontier was a beautiful display of mixed reality in real life by projection. It's performed by Cirque du Soleil performers. Amazing!
You could customize your own special scent for your home! LIKE if you'd use this!
Nokia's Ozo at the Nokia House at #sundance - the $40,000 professional camera with 8 cameras that overlap their image
Unboxing the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack. Come join and ask questions!
Today at 3pm Mountain I'm going to do a LIVE unboxing of the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack they sent me for review. Watch this page around then - if you message me here you can even subscribe to get notified when new videos are posted! Do you have this already? Let me know what you think below:

Set your calendars!
Happy #MartinLutherKing, Jr. Day! #MLK #Ihaveadream
#FlashbackFriday to when I made my garden water itself! #geekgreens #projectlifewater
This virtual reality app could let parents meet their children before they're even born!
#XboxOne controllers are getting a new design!

Two new Xbox One controllers are coming this month
These 55 top marketing influencers (myself included) are revealing the future of #marketing. Don't get left behind!

55 marketing influencers: Brands and virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality
Touring the CES North Hall with The Chris Voss Show - come join us!