Do you think it could be worth the investment? #SpaceX

Trump may fund the Spacex Mars Colonization plan
I'm finally out of NDA and I'm unboxing the Pioneer Rayz in-ear earbuds live at 9:30pm Mountain! Come join me and see why, with 6 microphones, I think these are the future of augmented audio!
You may have seen me carrying these around before now and that's because I love them so much. I've never carried earphones around with me everywhere until I got these. Until today I've been under NDA with Pioneer to talking about them. Pioneer's CEO himself presented these Pioneer Rayz to us in Las Vegas. They have 6 microphones and an amazing potential to bring digital reality experiences to...
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"Focus on Friendships!" Do you agree? #PR #Business

PR Professionals: THIS is How You Pitch Media | Stay N Alive
Videos playing with sound automatically as you go down your #Facebook timeline? Would this be fun or annoying?

Facebook videos will soon autoplay with sound; how to disable
Play with your real-life LEGO or Play-Doh creations in an app or on the Xbox?

As many of you know, I have 7 kids, and tech gadgets are a huge part of our family! I picked out a few of my favorite tech gadgets for kids to share this month on Fox 13's The PLACE - check them out!

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Tech gadgets your kids will love
They're claiming that the Trump administration is trying to make this data disappear. What are your thoughts? #NASA

Diehard Coders Just Rescued NASA’s Earth Science Data
Over 2,000 prosthetics have been made for children in need thus far!
#Apple may introduce... wireless charging?!

iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple's Expensive Secrets
Verticals? On Social? Is your brand implementing passion pages in your social media strategy? I can help!

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How Jesse Stay uses passion pages to supercharge a brand's Facebook audience
Hey guys I'm about to unbox a robot your kids can build! Come join me at 10:35pm Mountain!
Turn your Play-Doh creations into game characters on your phone! I saw this at CES and asked Hasbro toys to send it for review. I'll be doing an unboxing later tonight and will show it off on air this Friday on Fox 13's The PLACE !
Technically, this star died about 800 years ago- and was about the size of our sun!

Hubble Telescope captures death of a star
#FlashbackFriday to when I shared a camp stove that makes ELECTRICITY from FIRE on Fox 13's The PLACE!
Its like a child-friendly Instagram for #lego creations!

Lego launches 'safe' social network for under-13s