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My Reinhardt!!
So fucking stoked with how this turned out!

Huge shout out to Jesse for doing the make up on my eye, and to Obsydiann Props for sculpting my little nubbins(those things on the knees) and sending us the 3D file to print!

Overwatch Blizzard
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An awesome shot by Photographes Sans Frontieres!! ❤❤❤

Costume made by me!
Original art concept by Zach Fischer Illustration
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Instagram post by Zach Fischer • Feb 18, 2017 at 12:58am UTC
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More Sindragosa!!

I am so so so so happy with how this all turned out.

A HUGE THANKS TO Zach Fischer Illustration for drawing up the perfect humanized version of our Love Sindragosa!!

Everything was hand made by me!
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A couple of quick cell shots of my Sindragosa!! ❤❤❤

I AM SO STOKED!! I made everything on the costume and will be posting the full creation vid when I get back from Katsu!!

Original art design by my insane design partner in crime, Zach Fischer ❤
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This weekend. I'm tired af. I can't wait.
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The hype is so real for Bindi Smalls Tracer ❤
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Sneak peek! :D

I made and recorded everything on this build so right after Katsu when I can breathe I will upload my creation process to my youtube!!

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This Saturday at KATSUCON be like
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well not yet...but you get what I mean
Sharing this lady because holy PERFECT HARLEY!! ❤❤

Infamous Harley Quinn
Extra af Sunday Cosplay ????
More Pokemon to ruin.

Post below.

photo by David Love Photography
Helmet by Sunday Cosplay
Costume made by me!
Sharing Tatibayo because holy crep <3
Some Ahri while I clean up the house and get ready for more crafting!! <3 I saw this fanart online and I thought holy heck thats adorable, I know I already did a Keyhole bra shoot but WHO CARES. I hope you like it!

Tails were made by Lindsay Elyse
Keyhole bra is from SpreePicky!

Photo by Fake Nerd Boy
Editing by Darshelle Stevens <3
League of Legends Riot Games
Remember when that episode of Pokemon was banned in the US because James from Team Rocket had inflatable boobs?

Photo by Fake Nerd Boy
Editing by Darshelle Stevens