4 months on testosterone today :) holy crap u guys these months are going by so fast haha is this even real?? I honestly have no words... after waiting a lifetimes to transition with hormones I'm sitting here 1/3 of a year on t. #ftm
Reacting to "Hunter: Valentine's Day"
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oh god why why why why why
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I have something to tell you
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hi,, I need ink my arms are naked
I'm still the same crooked smiled baby boy, just a little bit older and wearing less pink. transgender kids are humans too ‍ spread equality. not gonna lie though, it's kind of crazy that I'm posting a picture of my younger self as growing up was far from easy... I used to hate looking at baby photos let alone letting the world see me that way. I couldn't help the fact I had long hair and...
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i guess we'll never know.
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i took my cat to the groomers for a much needed haircut...
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3 Months on Testosterone update :)
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