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Her speaking and writing careers kept her so busy she rescheduled her wedding three times.

In 1895, Ida B. Wells's Wedding Announcement Was on the Front Page of the New York Times
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The ultrasound, Moira Weigel writes in The Atlantic, “made it possible for the male doctor to evaluate the fetus without female interference.”

How Technology Transformed the Fetus Into a 'Pre-Born' Person
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Let’s just get all of these over with at once, shall we?

So Many Politicians Were Offended by the Women's March in Such an Original Way
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Polanski’s lawyer Hervé Temime told Agence France-Presse that he would no longer preside over the ceremony due to the “unjustified” conflict caused by his involvement.

'Profoundly Saddened' Roman Polanski Will No Longer Preside Over the César Awards Following Uproar
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She does have one good bit, about “pundettes.” “Someone who goes on TV constantly,” she says, “and just says the same thing over and over and over and over again, but never wears the same thing twice.” Sounds awfully familiar.

Here Is 11 Minutes of Real Stand-Up Comedy From Kellyanne Conway
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Look at how Melania's face darkens the minute he turns away.
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Trump's apparently cool with massive voter fraud, and doesn’t intend to investigate.

White House Press Secretary Says President of United States Believes in Conspiracy Theory
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The scenario suggested and delivered by Syd (of The Internet) is nothing short of utopian.

Sexiest Song of 2017 Alert: Syd's 'Body'
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Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley used his time during Mick Mulvaney's confirmation hearing to pull out a poster with pictures from Obama’s inauguration and Trump’s inauguration laid out side by side. "Which crowd is larger?" he asked.

Budget Director Pick Forced to Testify That Trump's Inaugural Crowds Were Smaller Than Obama's
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If you love Britney Spears’ Instagram account, you’re gonna adore what she does with Snapchat filters.

Britney Spears Discovers Snapchat Filters
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In an incredibly personal, harrowing and sad experience shared on Love & Hip-Hop, Remy Ma and Papoose dealt with an ectopic pregnancy.

Love & Hip-Hop's Remy Ma Experiences the High and Low of Pregnancy in One Episode
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They could face up to 10 years in prison and $25,000 in fines if convicted.

Journalists Covering DC Protests Slapped With Felony Charges
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I spent about 36 seconds of the Women’s March over the weekend thinking about Karl Lagerfeld’s weak attempt at staging a feminist fashion march on his Spring 2015 runway, and wondered if he was watching, participating, or gave a fuck.

Chanel's Diamond-Bright Gowns & Sensible Suits at Paris Couture Week
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"So, okay, I’ll start with the exciting bit. I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today."

Teen Arrested For Attempted Murder After Her Diary Revealed She Found Stabbing a Woman 'Fantastic'
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If you think McDaniel sounds like the kind of guy who might obsessively post links to articles about George Soros, you would be absolutely correct.

Mississippi Pol Very Offended By the Women's March, Especially the Gross Part About Birth Control
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"I would actually say to white women, if you want to be a part of a powerful movement that’s going to get something done, you need to get behind and trust black women, trust black femmes, trust black trans women."

Woman in Viral Photo From Women’s March to White Female Allies: ‘Listen to a Black Woman’
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“Llama llama red pajama/cries/for his mama!/What is the mama llama doin’?/ What’s she doin,’ dog?”

Migos Rapping Children's Books to 'Bad and Boujee' Is Already the Best Song of 2017