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The campaign went up Tuesday afternoon and exceeded its fundraising goal of $20,000 within a couple of hours.

American Muslim Activists Are Raising Money to Pay for Repairs to Desecrated Jewish Cemetery
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Congrats to the Hills alumni who are having babies. I cannot wait to watch the spin-off in 2037. I know it will be great.

Imagine a Reboot of The Hills Featuring the Kids of the Original Cast
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Judge Sam Sparks was particularly pointed in his decision against the state, noting that they had failed to provide “any evidence” to support their claims that Planned Parenthood was doing anything other than providing desperately-needed healthcare resources for the estimated 11,000 people who would’ve been affected by the decision.

Judge Blocks Texas from Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding from Medicaid
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The restraining order requires Brown to stay 100 feet yards away from Karreuche, her mother and her brother. Seems like a wise idea.

Karreuche Tran Filed a Restraining Order Against Chris Brown Over Alleged Threats of Violence
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We’re officially three months in, folks! Just kidding, one month! Wow!

Sean Spicer Initiates Feud With Anne Frank Center
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Do you think you can handle it? Does the bear claw/house shoe vibe intrigue or repulse?

Christopher Kane Will Keep Making Fashion Crocs Until You Like Them, Goddammit
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Linc? Buddy? Hello? Здравствуйте?

I Found Lincoln Chafee, But He's Being Kind of Weird
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Big Little Lies, like so many suburban dramas before it, is about discovering which of these personas—if any—you can ever really trust.

Big Little Lies Depicts a Snakier Side of Suburbia
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As the lines of communication between elected officials and their constituents appear to erode somewhat, we want to hear from you.

If You're Heading to Your Representatives' Town Hall This Week, Tell Us How it Went
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By minute four of the interview, the chyron across the screen read, “TUCKER TAKES ON PROTEST ORGANIZER.”

Tucker Carlson Inaccurately Represented an LA Actor as a #NotMyPresidentsDay Organizer on His Show
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Incidentally, it seems that Jeb probably answers his email more frequently and more diligently than most people.

Jimmy Kimmel Admits He Bugged Jeb Bush to Be On the Emmys Until He Relented
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At the beginning of 2016, the United Nations Populations Fund estimated that one in ten refugees traveling through Europe is pregnant, and around 70,0000 of the four million-plus refugees globally are estimated to be pregnant.

6 Weeks With the Pregnant Refugees of Piraeus, Greece
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76 percent of all women characters were white in 2016, the same as in 2015.

Movies With (White) Women Leads Reached a 'Historical High' in 2016
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“We will treat everyone humanely and with dignity,” an official said, according to the Washington Post. “But we’re going to execute the laws of the United States.”

New Trump Administration Rules Target Far More People For Deportation and Prosecution
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After many, many, many episodes centered around Katie’s drunken pouting and Schwartz’s whiny passive aggression, the Bravo gods have finally rewarded us with some good television.

Finally, Vanderpump Rules Delivers
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Juhel Miah is not from any of the seven countries listed in Donald Trump’s immigration ban. But he is Muslim.

British Muslim Teacher Denied Entry Into US Without Explanation