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for meal plans, motivation, support, and endless workouts of all kinds.
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‪Mountain Climber Hell! A special #friyay challenge circuit from my #jillianmichaelsapp [ Jillianmichaels.com Link ]
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In just a few weeks, a team of incredible Special Olympics athletes will travel to Austria to compete at the Special Olympics World Games 2017, but they can’t get there without our help! Join & support them today! [ Gofundme.com Link ]

Join GoFundMe in supporting the Special Olympics Winter World Games

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I've decided #tbt is a great day to post #jillianmichaelsapp transformations. Learn from the past & look to the future. Check out Jesse's inspiring journey and many others at jillianmichaels.com And post your story with the hashtag #jmkickedmybutt
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I love all my animals and what I feed them is just as important as what the rest of my family eats. That’s why I switched them to CANIDAE Under The Sun Grain Free. Now share a photo of your animals in the comments! Save $10 on CANIDAE Pet Foods Under The Sun here: canidae.com/jillianmichaels #ad
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Podcast #behindthescenes A few laughs for your hump day as Janice models some podcast swag. Listen here
[ Bit.ly Link ]
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@firelightfarm enjoys her valentines present... @fruitninja On @htcvive Virtual Reality What did your valentine give ya? Anything good?
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This is what happens when I'm at work all day and @firelightfarm has the nerve to blame it on the pig
#Repost @firelightfarm with @repostapp
Apparently this is what happens when we're away and Stella opens the door. #farmlife #ducksofinstagram #smellslikeduckpoop
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#mondaymotivation challenge circuit - compliments of There are also BEGINNER workouts. This is just a challenge for my advanced athletes ☺
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Grammy dinner party... who are you watching with? #grammys
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Whose getting their grub on for Sunday brunch? Check out this delicious recipe in my new app. Only 300 calories. Paleo approved / gluten free. Go to
My daughter has renamed herself "Pennygoldilocksgold" and made Heidi start her a fashion blog on instagram. #Whosekidisthis #Repost @pennygoldilocksgold with @repostapp
"An awesome rock n roll inspired look with my own spin" - @pennygoldilocksgold
Need support? Join the awesome community of women from my app @jillianmichaelsworkoutjunkies #tgif #friyay
I walk around my house and find s#!+ like this everywhere that my son leaves. Should I worry??
Check out the latest issue of Thrive Magazine where I've teamed up with Megan Marlow to answer questions about the newly launched vegan meal plan. Here's a link to where you can find it! [ Mythrivemag.com Link ]
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