Watching Beware of Pity live stream right now at ...amazing!! Complicite
'A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer'...a hilarious, insightful and truly heartfelt musical that dares to stare cancer right in the face...and dance with it! Go see it! #nationaltheatre #bryonykimmings #wellproud
'Liesaminnelli' The last 1.30 mins of this track is Tragic Toys at its very best. (Link in bio) #tragictoys #demos #helpsaveneil
'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'...
'Down to be proud' (click link in bio) #tragictoys #demos #helpsaveneil
#demos #tragictoys #helpsaveneil
Feed he Beast premieres tonight in the U.K. On BT TV at 9pm
Feed the Beast starts here in the U.K. On the 11th Oct only on BT TV

Here are 5 reasons you should watch it...

[ Link ]

Feed the Beast on BT TV: 5 reasons to watch
'Gowns scare me' is a track about a lot of things. I guess it's mainly about responsibility. The responsibility of power and the weight and affect it carries. Have a listen (link in bio) #demos #tragictoys
'Dizzy little fishes' was always one of my favourite tracks we wrote for the Tragic Toys sessions. A lucid song about how we forget. (Click link in bio) and have a listen. Be nice to hear what you think...before you forget x
Dear all you lot.

I have released some demo recordings of some of my music as a way of helping to raise money for my friend Neil, who has unfortunately been diagnosed with a severe form of MS (Mutiple Scelorosis).

Please 'buy' some of the tracks and 'share' this link...and hopefully together we can raise enough money to get him the treatment he needs to give him a shot at survival.

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To hear some of my music and help a good cause go to... #exclusive #demos #tragictoys
I should smile more often... Empire(magazine)
Cheers Empire(magazine)... Perfectly traumatising and strangely enjoyable #howmuchisapintofmilk
LDN Kids enjoying the last of it...#kingscross
STOWAWAYS...Exactly 5 years ago. #cloudatlas