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Jimmy Lewis Boards
1 hours 38 minutes ago. Facebook
FINAL Day before this board is ready to go in the water! Today starts off with sanding the hot coat before putting on the final gloss coat. Fine wet dry sanding and polishing of the gloss coat gets that shiny mirror like finish. All that's left to do is open up all the inserts and put the deckpad on! Hope you all enjoyed this series!

Custom Board Construction/Poor Mans Vacuum Series Day 7

Jimmy Lewis Boards
2 hours 2 minutes ago. Facebook
@hookipa6b with the first 6'6" Destroyer! Kaleo is an extremely talented surfer and waterman and we are honored to see him ride our boards!! #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #jimmylewisdestroyer #maui #hookipa #legend
Jimmy Lewis Boards
yesterday at 19:06. Facebook
Today Jimmy grinds down all the inserts he put in yesterday so they are flush with the board. Then he "caps" over all the inserts, grinds them flat again and hot coats the board.

Custom Board Construction/Poor Mans Vacuum Series Day 5/6

Jimmy Lewis Boards
12/02/2016 at 19:39. Facebook
With the top of the board now laminated, it's time to fair in the overlap on the bottom of the board and put all the inserts in the board. Fin Box, Leash Plug, Handle and Vent Screw all get inserted using the same method.

Custom Board Construction/Poor Mans Vacuum Series Day 4

Jimmy Lewis Boards
12/01/2016 at 20:57. Facebook
Gotta love those open ocean downwind runs! Cool photo from @masumi_tack.ceo showing perspective of how large of our playing field is. #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewism14 #jimmylewis #standupjournal #standuppaddle #maui
Jimmy Lewis Boards
12/01/2016 at 20:31. Facebook
Today Jimmy fair's in the overlap from his bottom lamination as well as the extra patches of glass on the nose and tail making sure that the glass is level with no bumps and perfect with the shape of the board. After that it's time to glass the top the same way he did the bottom, finishing with the "poor mans vacuum" technique again.

Custom Board Construction/Poor Mans Vacuum Series Day 3

Jimmy Lewis Boards
11/30/2016 at 19:47. Facebook
Day 2 of our 7 day board building Series. Today Jimmy laminates the bottom of the board and tightens everything up using his "Poor Mans Vacuum" technique. He then sets it on his nose rider rocker jig to make sure the rocker is PERFECT!

Custom Board Construction/Poor Mans Vacuum Series Day 2

Jimmy Lewis Boards
11/30/2016 at 00:39. Facebook
Watch as we follow Jimmy in his shop on Maui for the next 7 days as he shows us how he builds one of his RARE custom SUP's!

This series is not meant to be a detailed instructional, but rather just quick snippets of each step involved. The motivation for this series was mainly to show what Jimmy calls the “Poor Mans Vacuum” which is a unique technique he uses to build any custom epoxy SUP...
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Custom Board Construction/Poor Mans Vacuum Series Day 1

12'6" U-Boat in its element. : @brnobntt #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #standuppaddle #jimmylewisuboat #standupjournal #maui
Really cool interview of Mike Sutton talking about his SUP fishing. He's been using the Searcher and hooking into some good fish, even getting dragged around the lake by some monster Carp!

Check it out below.

Fishing Interview with the SurfingFireman

@mark_miedama ready for launch on his Canary. #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #kite #maui
@jlay_stoked getting tricky with it. Really cool seeing what his kid can do on his Super Tech! #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #standuppaddle #standupjournal #jimmylewissupertech #surf #maui
Happy Birthday to this amazing human @kealiihawaii !! Hope you score another awesome year of great waves!!
Some great clips of Jason Latham ripping up in a recent contest in Florida! Riding his 7'5" Carbon Super Tech.

An ESSC Stand Up Paddle Surf Contest

@robg1703 from @jimmylewisboardsaustralia has been loving his 14'x25" Sidewinder. Really cool to see him getting great race results both in flat water and downwind on the same board! #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewissidewinder #standuppaddle #standupjournal #maui #jimmylewis
Sidewinder colors : @northern_sup #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #jimmylewissidewinder #standupjournal #standuppaddle #maui #adventure
Jimmy has been scoring some epic surf in Vietnam! Here he is on the tip, riding his 9'6" black and blue machine! #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #standuppaddle #standupjournal #surf #maui
@jlay_stoked style and power all in one : @mollyramer #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #standuppaddle #standupjournal #surf #maui
@jlay_stoked with style in Lanzarote with @jimmylewiseurope : @alice__gin #jimmylewisboards #jimmylewis #jimmylewissupertech #standuppaddle #standupjournal #standupsurf #maui
Marlon Lewis on a Jaws left from last year. Trying to get down the face on his 10'6".