Jimmy Neesham
yesterday at 01:37. Facebook
Repost from Blackcaps An extra day off means a chance to get in the shed! And a chance to double your normal weight for one rep for the photo cheers Les Mills
Jimmy Neesham
02/23/2017 at 06:01. Facebook
Pleasure to be able to watch and learn from the master from 22 yards away. Still plenty more to come I'm sure!
Jimmy Neesham
02/21/2017 at 00:09. Facebook
Cantabrians! Do you know of any cricket loving firefighters who have had a rough week? I've got 4 tickets for the Blackcaps game tomorrow so they can bring their family/friends and have a day off. Please let me know, cheers.
"It's just a little rain let's go out anyway."
Great first time captaincy experience leading the Otago Volts boys in the one day comp this season. Hopefully not the last time! #verygoodtosser
I've taken the Vogel’s Big Little Kiwi Census to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vogel's in NZ. What type of Vogel's lover are you? #Vogels50years

Vogel's Big Little Kiwi Census

When you don't do any work on the group project but still get an A
A very different type of recovery today! Took up an offer from The Cricket Show to get in the tank with a couple of the big fellas. Broomy loved it
All set for a belter tomorrow! Blackcaps
Repost from @grantelliottnz, spent today delivering a dream with @anz_nz ! Hell of a way to spend an afternoon. Christopher and Regan were stoked with their backyard cricket setup!
An absolute pleasure showing the @otago_volts foreigners a taste of true kiwi living tonight! @christicricket4 @rooster55555 @wallystours @michaelrippon19
First day at home in 4 months and she wouldn't let me talk to any of my family
Yea I'll take "Things I never imagined I'd do" for 100 please Alex.
Fantastic turn out for the lads yesterday and a good win. Hoping for more of the same on Sunday!