Joan Rivers
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Joan and Dolly Parton having a laugh on the Joan Rivers Show in 1993. Happy birthday, Dolly!
Joan Rivers
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#TBT from Melissa Rivers: No one is safe at a Comedy Central Roast in 2009…especially when you’re the guest of honor! #JoanRivers #MelRivers
Joan Rivers
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Classic, glamorous Joan. Gorgeous! #WCW
Joan Rivers
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Two funny ladies on The Tonight Show. Happy birthday, Betty White!
Joan Rivers
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Joan Rivers
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Believe me…Joan was never afraid to speak her mind! #WordsofJoan
Joan Rivers
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#TBT from Melissa Rivers: Classic Mom…flipping the bird on Watch What Happens Live (with her good friend Andy Cohen) #JoanRivers #MelRivers
As Joan always said…a little ruffle goes a long way! #WCW
Fashion Police returns TONIGHT at 8pm on E! I can’t wait to hear what Melissa Rivers has to say about the Golden Globes!
I love this photo of Joan and Melissa from the Golden Globes in 2000. I can’t wait to see what the stars will be wearing. Who’s your favorite nominee?
When does middle age begin? Asking for a friend…#WordsofJoan
#TBT from Melissa Rivers: Only Mom would have a diamond dog collar…great shot from the London Times. #JoanRivers #MelRivers
Joan’s advice to the petite-pregnancy crowd! #WCW
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And boy did she make us laugh! Happy New Year! #WordsofJoan
Rest In Peace Debbie Reynolds (Joan, Debbie, and Arlene Dahl in 2009).