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Jody Steel
yesterday at 16:00. Facebook
Stand Together.

Only through understanding and kindness can we begin to make relationships with those who are different than ourselves. Everyone has a story. I want to thank Mercedes for sharing hers.
Jody Steel
12/03/2016 at 16:02. Facebook
The Grinch - A Timelapse Drawing w/Gabe Erwin
Jody Steel
12/02/2016 at 17:09. Facebook
I did a photo shoot with Sela Shiloni Photo and am blown away! I'm looking forward to more shots from him!
Jody Steel
12/02/2016 at 15:10. Facebook
Counting down the days!
Who knew Gabe Erwin would make the perfect Grinch? The video comes out this Saturday, so stay tuned!
Who doesn't love Christmas sweaters? Especially when they're on sharks.
Lotus Leg by Jody Steel - A Timelapse Drawing
Steampunk Elsa done in color pencil!
Show Time by Jody Steel - Starring Wesley Stromberg
Today I'm thankful for everyone who has donated and directly supported the efforts at Standing Rock. If you haven't already, you can do it today during a holiday that we should be honoring Native Americans and remembering all of the injustices that they endured, and continue to endure today.
I Stand with Standing Rock and the Sioux tribe. I am looking forward to creating art with a member from...
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Across the Universe by Jody Steel - A Timelapse Drawing
The only standard you should live by is a healthy one. Anything or anybody telling you that you’re not good enough isn’t worth your time. You are good enough.

The timelapse video airs tomorrow on my page. Stay tuned.
Some memories are sadder to think about than others.
I drew this on myself today! I was brainstorming some ideas, I need more timelapse suggestions.
Cyberbullying by Jody Steel - Teaming up with The Kindness Campaign to embrace our differences and encourage others to be kind.
A piece inspired by the film Moonlight. Prismacolor pencils and markers on Tan Toned paper.
Strange Eyes by Jody Steel - A Doctor Strange Timelapse Drawing
Equal by Jody Steel - A Timelapse Drawing
Fishnet Stockings by Jody Steel - A Timelapse Drawing
A different take on fishnet stockings the video comes out Saturday!