Jody Steel
Jody Steel
04/29/2017 at 17:14. Facebook
Storm by Jody Steel - An X-Men Pop Art Makeup Timelapse

Starring @curlhawkqueen
Jody Steel
Toni Graves
Luiz Santos
Jody Steel
Jody Steel
04/28/2017 at 16:27. Facebook
Happy National Superhero Day!
Storm pop art makeup by Jody Steel

Stay tuned for the video release tomorrow. Starring the hero herself, @curlhawkqueen
Happy National Superhero Day Storm pop art makeup by Jody Steel Stay
J Marc Garcis
Samantha Evans
Missy Brookshire
Jody Steel
Jody Steel
04/26/2017 at 19:22. Facebook
Alien Body Art
Tag someone who's out of this world
Anaïs Boukan
Viktoria Ringsmose
Bart Koornneef
Jody Steel
Jody Steel
04/25/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Alien Body Art by Jody Steel - A Makeup Timelapse
Lucas Brown
Allan Bunting
Melissa Pear
Jody Steel
Jody Steel
04/24/2017 at 17:39. Facebook
If I could carry my materials around like this, I absolutely would. I need to do this for all of my artist supplies.
If I could carry my materials around like this I absolutely would
Daniel Wideman
Sarah Mataraza
Benjamin Relapz Joseph
Taurus by Jody Steel - A Makeup Timelapse
Toria Roo
Rex Cripe
Perla Geovana Hernandez
Genie by Jody Steel - A Body Art Timelapse

What would you wish for?
Jody Steel
Corinne Hurst
Christy Steele McNabb
Having a blast at Coachella! Follow my IG for more daily body art and fun
[ Link ]
Having a blast at Coachella Follow my IG for more daily body art and fun

Instagram post by Jody Steel • Apr 16, 2017 at 6:01pm UTC
Meg Santalla
Al White
Grace Valdivia
Music of the Heart by Jody Steel

"Shining in the Dark"- The SLVR Tongues feat. Danny Worsnop
J Marc Garcis
Kain Williams
Geri Gerry Batkay
Nightmare by Jody Steel

What does your nightmare look like?
Trisha Norwood
Sergio P. Arenas
Connie Prybys Jasinski
I’m prepping for my #RoadToCoachella by practicing new makeup looks! Join me with BMW USA during the festival and see how others are prepping for their epic weekend: [ Link ]

Share your #roadtocoachella
Im prepping for my RoadToCoachella by practicing new makeup looks Join me
Kim Hagey
Marc D Paladino
Robert Turnbull
It’s time to #GetTough on dog fighting. Join the ASPCA and help make a difference:
Its time to GetTough on dog fighting Join the ASPCA and help
Jody Steel
Jerry Wynn
Chris Palichuk
Hey guys! This video was nominated for the 21st Annual Webby Awards! You can vote for it (and not Nick Offerman) here:

[ Link ]
Jody Steel
Meg Santalla
J Marc Garcis
A Rick and Morty Timelapse Drawing in 3 Dimensions!
by Jody Steel
Jody Steel
Noah Armstrong
Nothing Says "I Love You" Like...
by Jody Steel
Temujin Six
Bennie Hardin
Taylor Southern
Nicholas E. Myers
Andy Loud
Lily Coote
Negative Threads by Jody Steel

Starring Jose Pablo Cantillo
Kristi Cantillo
Manuel Torres
Cristie Manley
Aries Timelapse Drawing by Jody Steel

I'll be doing each zodiac sign starting this month! Happy Birthday to all you Aries people!
Jody Steel
Jenn Mikus
Mohamed Raafat
She speaks!

Check out my new parody video: "Arting" like a Youtuber.
Jody Steel
Jody Steel
Evelyn Ordaz
Torn Apart by Jody Steel

Featuring Austin & Alec Proeh
Jody Steel
Jessica Ryan
Joshua Whitehead