Joe Bonamassa
02/27/2017 at 15:09. Facebook
25 years ago I played Savannah Georgia for the first time in this square with a band we had called Bloodline. It's nice to be back again.
Joe Bonamassa
02/27/2017 at 01:19. Facebook
Click here to read the latest article from Guitar World on blues rocker joe Boanamassa. Joe talks his 2017 recording plans, his side projects and gear

Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa talks 2017 Recording Plans in Guitar World
Joe Bonamassa
yesterday at 15:29. Facebook
Hey there Blimpie Boy flying through the sky so fancy free!! Thanks to the kind folks at George's in Orlando for the Epiphone Blimp!
Joe Bonamassa
02/25/2017 at 15:30. Facebook
Joe Bonamassa
02/25/2017 at 01:32. Facebook
Click here to vote for Joe Bonamassa, who has been nominated for two Blues Music Awards in the categories of the B.B. King Entertainer and Guitar.

Vote for Joe Bonamassa! Nominated for Two Blues Music Awards!
Joe Bonamassa
02/24/2017 at 14:31. Facebook
Finally Achieved a 12 String Bass the Hard Way...
1962 and a 1963 Fender Bass IVs hanging out in the front lounge.
Joe Bonamassa
02/23/2017 at 23:36. Facebook
Joe Bonamassa
02/23/2017 at 14:36. Facebook
I got such a kick out of this! Unfortunately his students were scheduled to learn what happened after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand today. The film strip should have covered it. All parties in 1914 seemed to work it out with minimal disruption as I recall.
Joe Bonamassa
02/22/2017 at 22:50. Facebook
Joe Bonamassa
02/22/2017 at 17:33. Facebook
Thank you Chip for this great 1961 Fender Tremolux!
Joe Bonamassa
02/21/2017 at 21:11. Facebook
Joe Bonamassa
02/21/2017 at 00:49. Facebook
My ole friend Magellan... 9-0829
Joe Bonamassa
02/20/2017 at 19:02. Facebook
Help my friend Scott release this great Blues Documentary, Sidemen - Long Road To Glory
He needs to raise $100k to get this out to the masses.
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Joe Bonamassa
02/20/2017 at 15:31. Facebook
1999 - J&R Adventures with Tom Dowd and our engineer Alex in Ithaca New York recording "A New Day Yesterday"
This thing may not win the blue ribbon at the county beauty contest...
but it's awesome as a guitar
Amazing documentary about the forgotten legends of the Blues.
Please help Sidemen - Long Road To Glory reach their goal by clicking here: [ Link ]
The new JB dolls come with a better personality, more talent and better hairline than the real thing.
Thanks again Charlie!! A great shot of my modified 51 Nocaster in action.