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Great to hang and geek out with two legends in their own field of musicana! Mr. Jeorge Tripps Way Huge Electronics inventor, thinker, and the purveyor of all things Overrated Special and Mr. John Shanks, gear addict like me, great producer, great songwriter, fantastic guitarist and owner of a Way Huge Electronics Overrated Special
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Three pieces of Fender history... Left, Howard Reed's Black 1955 Fender Stratocaster, right, Eldon Shamblin's 1954 Gold Fender Stratocaster hanging out with Eldon's 1954 Fender Bandmaster given to him with the guitar by Leo Fender in June of 1954. It's important to know that it is the first time the very first gold and the first Black Stratocasters have been in the same room together.
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Surfs Up Kids! I give you my new single "Ice Blue Metallica" on a Fender Jaguar of a similar color.
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A nice neat and tidy set all around from 1960 and 1961. Jazzmaster is a 60, and the single 12 Showman is a 61.
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JBWM: Joe Bonamassa hosting a celebrity benefit jam for The Midnight Mission to help homeless in Los Angeles.
Thanks Natasha for some great video!
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Broke out a Whitman's sampler of vintage blonde Gibson Guitars today. Left to right: 52 ES-5, 59 ES-345, 60 ES-335, 59 ES-345, 51 ES-350. Enjoy
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Part 4 of's "Welcome to Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa's Home Collection"
Watch the full video here: [ Link ]
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Watch the blues team of B.B. King and Bobby 'Blue' Bland perform a superb medley of B.B. King classics on a very soulful episode of Monday Night Blues.

Two Legendary Blues Musicians Team Up tonight on Monday Night Blues
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Rig 2017: Twins -o-plenty.
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Candy Apple Red Party.
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Just home from our fantastic week at East West Studios in Los Angeles. Recording Black Country Communion IV was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. Thank you to Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian, Kevin Shirley and our engineer Jared Kvitka for making it such a great record.
Bought and well-packed to preserve Fender history at the Bona-seum. This is not how you want to see your vintage sign delivered.
I am very honored to be making music with this legend again. I am even more honored to call him my friend.
My very modest Kauffman and Fender collection circa 1945 and early 1946.