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Get behind our Aussie boardriders clubs and enter the Surfing Australia monster raffle. First prize is a Toyota Australia RAV 4 (decal of me getting pitted on the door optional, but I'd run with it). All the proceeds from the raffle go to support grassroots surfing through our Australian board riding clubs.Go to to grab your ticket.
Joel Parkinson
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The home of Australia’s latest and best surfing news and stories. The 20th Annual Burleigh Boardriders Single Fin Festival

The Last Great Surf Contest
Joel Parkinson
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Joel Parkinson
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I’m teaming up with @Subway Australia as an ambassador for the Subway Surf Series again this year. Stoked to see Australia's best juniors ripping right across the country. Good luck to the kids at Bells Beach this weekend…see you all at Cronulla for Round 2 later this month!
Catch each ride of Joel's in the Burleigh Single fin final. Six channels, you can't throw it vertical they said. Parko disagrees strongly any notion t...

Burleigh Single Fin – Parko
What would I do with a lazy, spare $100,000? Easy, I reckon I'd just grab a boat, load it up with mates, and sail straight back here, surfing and fishing in there tropics until the money ran out. Subway Australia are giving away $100,000 to some lucky person... just keep your receipt when you buy any sub and Coke drink from Subway and use it to enter at Entries close Jan 15....
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Joel Parkinson didn't disappoint the large crowd that gathered for an awesome weekend at Burleigh Point to watch the competitors carve it up in great conditions…

Parko wins the 2017 Burleigh Single Fin Classic
Pumping Hawaii from all angles, featuring JOB, Reef Mcintosh, Joel Parkinson , Nathan Florence, Bruce Irons and a whole bunch of other shredders.

North Shore Nuggets
The home of Australia’s latest and best surfing news and stories. Board Tales

Andy Irons' Quiver Remains Untouched
Joel Parkinson breaks down his All-Time Classic Surf Break - Cloudbreak thanks to Subway

All-Time Classic Surf Breaks With Joel Parkinson - Cloudbreak
Joel Parkinson, Bruce Irons, John John Florence, Tyler Newton and others taking to Off The Wall as a fresh swell made landfall this week in Hawaii.

Tapped In - Off The Wall
The home of Australia’s latest and best surfing news and stories. Gold Coast & Northern NSW special

The Best Of Spring 2016 Featuring Fanning, Durbidge & Parkinson