Joey Ramone
Joey Ramone
04/24/2017 at 00:27. Facebook
released 41 years ago today. as fun and exciting to listen to now, as it was then.
even more, if you listen to the fantastic mono and remix original producer Craig Leon did for last years celebration re-issue box set. a timeless classic.
(so proud to be part of this album, singing the background vocals ("oooh's) on BBop,Judy,Boyfriend,Chainsaw,Walk, banging the drum on Havana, doing the...
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released 41 years ago today as fun and exciting to listen to now as it was then
Rob Loeffler
Don Beemwu
Marcelo Farias
As many of you know, our dear friend and Punk Rock Icon, David Peel, recently passed away. A long history of mutual admiration between David, Joey, and his family as well (as Joey's brother accompanied him to Peel's shows, and, even their mom and step-father came a few times) began in 1968. David is one of the few people ever offered an open invite to participate any or every year. He had...
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As many of you know our dear friend and Punk Rock Icon
Jason Bock
Theresa Parson
Lucas Scheifler
Available exclusively for Record Store Day on April 22, 'RAMONES: SINGLES BOX' contains replicas of 10 classic Ramones pre-1980 US 7″singles, authentically reproduced with Sire labels and packaged in a unique cigarette-style outer box!

Limited to 6,500 copies, you can find the set at your nearest indie retailer here: [ Link ]
Joey Ramone 04/18/2017
Andrew Erdmans
Jan Beddies
Kick Starts
whatever train, or astral plane you're on now, millions of people on this plane are still being inspired by you, with millions more to follow.
and, you can rest assured, the people who visit this page to express their love, respect, admiration and gratitude for you are feeling those emotions stronger than ever...
whatever train or astral plane youre on now millions of people on

Joey Ramone - Waiting For That Railroad

a quick little home-made fan video, made at home by the world's very first Joey Ramone fan, who just loves this song

Sergio Bo
McKensley E Meade
McKensley E Meade
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Patrick Gohrenz
Pablo Marco
Laura Mango
He enchanted, excited, compelled us. He invited all to come along for the ride as he steered us to a place we would experience the entire spectrum of human emotion through his voice and compositions. On this day, 16 years ago, he left us, but not before leaving us gems that will stay in our hearts forever. We can only be grateful for those gifts. His inspiration is eternal. That was his...
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Joey Ramone 04/15/2017
JC Proctor
Bob Bizot
Debe Acierno
our first band, Jeff preparing to become Joey Ramone, down in the basement, could only go up from there, and did!
our first band Jeff preparing to become Joey Ramone down in the
Tanya Taylor
Edilson Alexander
Joe Hannon
Rudy Lomeli
Daro Cretari
Al Gushock
he had a way of always giving us a lift, when we needed one most. and he still does
he had a way of always giving us a lift when we needed one most and he still does
Sue De Leon
Enzo Ron Galaz
Romanova Serafina
it's been 16 years, but i miss him more than ever
it's been 16 years but i miss him more than ever
Bernadette Soccorsi-Long
Armida Velazquez
Hector Hansen
Jacob Harvie
the "Kings of Punk" from New York City
their spirits can now re-unite RIP David Peel
the Kings of Punk from New York City their spirits can now
Gregory Oatley
Robson Giacommo
David Farrell
In 1967 Joey began traveling into Manhattan to hang out on MacDougal St (hippie central) and Washington Square Park, where he first saw David Peel perform. It was then that he began his effort to have our mom get him his first pair of prescription shades (which were round, not oval). This is an historical clip = Lennon in mc jacket, t-shirt with block letters, blue jeans; Peel wearing a skull...
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In 1967 Joey began traveling into Manhattan to hang out on MacDougal

Hippie From New York City (David Peel and The Lower East Side)

On December 16 1971 John Lennon invited us to perform two songs off the album he was producing on Apple Records ( The Pope Smokes Dope) this is one of them. ...

Kevin J Chisholm
Derek Rudolph
Mark Dandrea
Joey Ramone - Venting (It's A Different World Today)

World out of control on the evening news
We're all screwed up and psychologically bruised
Kids killing kids make society pay
Just blow up your school and have a nice day
Reality today's much stranger than fiction
A sick fuckin' world with a violent affliction
It really, really bugs me
And it really fuckin' kills me
Live your life to the...
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Joey Ramone Venting It's A Different World Today

Joey Ramone - Venting (It's A Different World Today)
Anthony Califano
Rob Loeffler
Carrie Ann Schwarz
the original "king of punk", David Peel.
late 60's New York City was a huge sociologic/cultural transition period; an uprising. Whether you were a "hippie' or not, kids with long hair and a "freaky" look - including the future Joey and Johnny Ramone - were often approached by police looking for kids with drugs, shouting "up against the wall, __ __ !!" before proceeding to search them.
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the original king of punk David Peel late 60s New York City

David Peel - Up Against The Wall (1968)

Track Taken from Album "Have a Marijuana" Released March 1968

Sue De Leon
Debe Acierno
Perry St. Pierre
#TBT to the 1st annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, back in 2001! ... who else still has this ticket stub? Get your tickets for this year's Bash here - [ Link ]
TBT to the 1st annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash back in 2001
Matias Corigliano
Andrew Erdmans
Christopher J Manning
The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2017 is on sale NOW. With performances and appearances by Richie Ramone, Cj Ramone, Ed Stasium, DAVID PEEL & THE LOWER EAST SIDE, The Stitches, The Cuts and many more!

All info and tickets - [ Link ]
The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2017 is on sale NOW With performances
Kerrie Ferrara
Fer Nu
Theresa Parson
May 19th - The Studio @ Webster Hall, NYC
Still working on it, but, it shaping up to be another one-of-a-kind night when family, fans, friends unite to celebrate the birth, life, music, and spirit of the one & only Joey Ramone, AS WELL as the 40th anniversary of Ramones releases LEAVE HOME & ROCKET TO RUSSIA
In a very special + personal tribute from this trio, Joey Ramone Birthday Bash...
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Update May 19th The Studio Webster Hall NYC Still working on it
Paloma San Geroteo
Lindsey Anderson
Ed Stasium
You should be able to see his record release party show via this post.
Wish you all the best, brudda. + much success - -
yer pal, Mickey Leigh
Doran Kenney
Vincent Johnson
Martin Lowe
Lydia Kelley
Kaua Robert
Joaquin Sangari