John Butler Trio
02/19/2017 at 10:50. Facebook
Then this just happened!!!! I've been listening To Midnight Oil for most of my life . They're the only band that are guaranteed to give me the chills and make me cry watching live. Something about this band literally rocks me to the core. This band along with Tracey Chapmen, public enemy , rage against the machine ,Dylan are why I wanted and needed to make my music contribute to a better world...
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John Butler Trio
02/17/2017 at 02:32. Facebook
04.11.17 / 11.11.17
John Butler Trio
02/15/2017 at 08:25. Facebook
This just in!! Can't wait to get back to the NT!! Tickets Here ???? [ Link ]
Here's the link in easier form.
You won't regret going. I guarantee it!!!

[ Link ]

The Science and Ethics of Fracking in WA: A Question For Us All
If you live in Western Australia and in particular the Perth Metro area this is a MUST to go to. This event is a public forum that will explore the serious issue of unconventional gas and fracking in the lead up to the State election, and will feature Hydrogeologist Dr Ryan Vogwill, Health academic Professor Melissa Haswell , Retired Anglican Bishop of Perth, The Right Reverend Bishop Tom...
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There comes a time when one has to draw a line in the sand and decide which side of history they want to be on. I stand with thousands across this beautiful planet who know in their hearts that our sacred lands , families and water are the most important resources we have. With out them we are but wandering aimlessly and lonely on a parched earth.
#nodapl #nodapllaststand #frackoff
This is is a big election coming up in Western Australia and we need positive change right now. If your at all into clean water and people having more rights than corporations when it comes to our most vital resources click on this link.

[ Link ]

Join me in supporting the WA Election Email Campaign
This is a big shout out to THE Kester Sappho for her Roadie of the Month props. The first woman too! She is our legendary tour manager but ,as in all good relationships , it's a two way street . We are also HER band. We are blessed ( not in a # way )to be able to work with such a fine Human Being. Thanks for the many moons and miles you big Leg End. LOVE.

Roadie Of The Month
Join JBT, Beck, Ben Harper and many more at The Ride Festival in Telluride, CO July 8 & 9! For more info visit [ Link ]
Last song and selfie at #onedayinfremantle . Sorry to Brett, Dan Sultans guitarist for the over enthusiastic armpit action!! #goodmob
One Day in Freo is TOMORROW! It's a bold and brave step towards grace , compassion and inclusively celebrating Australia's culture. So honored to be a part of this day. A first of many to come I reckon. Come on down. It's FREE!!! Mama Kin, Dan Sultan and myself solo. Now set list. I can play a new song off the next upcoming album or a song called 'Jenny' that Mama Kin (my wife) and I penned...
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To all the family fighting the good fight whilst still staying peaceful and strong. All my love to you. #noroe #saynotoroe8
Come down and celebrate our progressive & diverse community! This event is FREE(o), come one, come all! Mama Kin starting the proceedings, followed by John Butler (solo) and headlined by, Legend! Dan Sultan <3 JBTM
A friend of mine Felix Riebl (from the cat empire)has been working with an indigenous teenage choir called Marliya, and have released a community campaign about the death in custody of Ms Dhu in South Hedland, Western Australia . Check it out and share. It's a sad story that needs to be told. Australia has one of the worst indigenous deaths in custody rates in the world .It's sad that there's...
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Here is the Lockn' lineup for August 24-27 in Arrington, VA. Tickets on sale now at [ Link ]
LOCKN' 2017! More soon! Tickets at [ Link ]
This is a great series on Australian women in music... including my wife Mama Kin in great company with the likes of Missy Higgins, Kasey Chambers, Nai Palm, Ella Hooper Official and many more! Check it!

Rolling Stone Australia — Her Sound, Her Story: Mama Kin
I want to thank everyone who came out to the Frack Off! gigs and made it the epic event that it was. It was our sole intention to create a moment where we could unite as a community, help people get informed and inspired to stand for country and defend our water .
There was a cast of thousands that made this event possible and I would like to firstly thank all of the speakers who came from...
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Hey Family , this is a video my good friend just made . Carlo from Blue King Brown and Natalie Rize has been part of the Free West Papua cause for almost a decade now and this is his latest collab with Airileke and the greater Movement. Carlo is a world wide culture creator Under his One Rebel Creative banner . Btw it's not a BKB or Natalie Rize song . Sorong Samarai is a story of one...
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FINALLY we have details on the viewing/streaming WTV's footage from last weekends SOLD OUT "Frack Off!" concert(s)! WTV Perth will broadcast the concert, this Saturday, December 3rd, 5:30-7:30 pm, local time: GMT+8. In Perth you can watch it on Ch 44. The rest of the world can watch it here . You can also download the 'Your View' App for smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. Thanks SO much to...
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Frack Off Concert TVC