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BULLY "" #frackoff #frackfreefuture #nodapl #lockthegate #bully #resist #noconnectiontocountry
Yeah, what The Waifs said!!!.... This is going to be pretty special show, just announced... MORE to come!!!

Ravinia Festival - Official Site | John Butler Trio and The Waifs
Here's to the Woman of the World. To my great grand mother (centre), grand mother (right)and great auntie (left) and all the strong , resilient and powerful woman who came before them and from them.
This is what happens when Dan and I start talking with friends about the absurd regulations that protect our water from the unconventional gas industry. Oh yeah ! What regulations ! Yeah I go a bit nuts. Crazy begets crazy i guess.
Hers. Link to some info if you wanna get more informed. There plenty of pro fracking/unconventional gas/onshore gas info out there.

Lotsa love and happy...
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ONE ❤ DAY IN FREO - Shout out to; Pete Stone, Mayor Brad Pettitt & all the peeps that got behind this event at City of Fremantle. Props to Shea Walsh for this awesome video!! [ Link ]

One Day in Fremantle 2017 - what does it mean to be Australian?

We went out during the One Day in Fremantle event held on Saturday 28 January 2017 and asked ordinary Australians 'what does it mean to be Australian?' The f...

SYDNEY!!!! I AM COMING TO YOU, NEXT WEEK, WED 8TH MARCH to perform solo at a VERY special event. Feat; MC JAMES VALENTINE, PETER NORTHCOTE & his band, Boomerang's RHODA ROBERTS AO, Dan Sultan , VIRGINIA LILLYE, JEFF DUFF, The No.4 Band, auctioneer Mikey Robins the JANNAWI DANCERS, comedian Merrick Watts and features Tony Mott and his incredible rock photography.
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The first show SOLD OUT in 5mins. The 2nd show is ON SALE 8th March! - We are STOKED to be playing ANOTHER show with these LEGENDS!!
If water worth drinking matters to you and you vote have a click here.
No water no life.

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Frack Free Future for WA
Hey Folk's, The Midnight Oil pre-sale for the Australian tour started today and some of the allocations have already sold out!!! The General on sale date is Feb 27th, so make sure you get in there and snap up tickets before it's too late!! We're supporting these mighty Gents on 4th Nov at Hanging Rock VIC and the 11th Nov at The Domain SYD [ Link ]

Tour Dates :: Midnight Oil
Then this just happened!!!! I've been listening To Midnight Oil for most of my life . They're the only band that are guaranteed to give me the chills and make me cry watching live. Something about this band literally rocks me to the core. This band along with Tracey Chapmen, public enemy , rage against the machine ,Dylan are why I wanted and needed to make my music contribute to a better world...
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04.11.17 / 11.11.17
This just in!! Can't wait to get back to the NT!! Tickets Here ???? [ Link ]
Here's the link in easier form.
You won't regret going. I guarantee it!!!

[ Link ]

The Science and Ethics of Fracking in WA: A Question For Us All
If you live in Western Australia and in particular the Perth Metro area this is a MUST to go to. This event is a public forum that will explore the serious issue of unconventional gas and fracking in the lead up to the State election, and will feature Hydrogeologist Dr Ryan Vogwill, Health academic Professor Melissa Haswell , Retired Anglican Bishop of Perth, The Right Reverend Bishop Tom...
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There comes a time when one has to draw a line in the sand and decide which side of history they want to be on. I stand with thousands across this beautiful planet who know in their hearts that our sacred lands , families and water are the most important resources we have. With out them we are but wandering aimlessly and lonely on a parched earth.
#nodapl #nodapllaststand #frackoff
This is is a big election coming up in Western Australia and we need positive change right now. If your at all into clean water and people having more rights than corporations when it comes to our most vital resources click on this link.

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Join me in supporting the WA Election Email Campaign
This is a big shout out to THE Kester Sappho for her Roadie of the Month props. The first woman too! She is our legendary tour manager but ,as in all good relationships , it's a two way street . We are also HER band. We are blessed ( not in a # way )to be able to work with such a fine Human Being. Thanks for the many moons and miles you big Leg End. LOVE.

Roadie Of The Month
Join JBT, Beck, Ben Harper and many more at The Ride Festival in Telluride, CO July 8 & 9! For more info visit [ Link ]
Last song and selfie at #onedayinfremantle . Sorry to Brett, Dan Sultans guitarist for the over enthusiastic armpit action!! #goodmob
One Day in Freo is TOMORROW! It's a bold and brave step towards grace , compassion and inclusively celebrating Australia's culture. So honored to be a part of this day. A first of many to come I reckon. Come on down. It's FREE!!! Mama Kin, Dan Sultan and myself solo. Now set list. I can play a new song off the next upcoming album or a song called 'Jenny' that Mama Kin (my wife) and I penned...
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