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Correct me if I'm wrong here, but it seems like the House Republican plan gives same tax credits to men and women... [ Link ]

House G.O.P. Leaders Outline Plan to Replace Obama Health Care Act
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Currently reading GIRL RISING, which shares girls' stories from around the world about the impact of education. [ Link ] [ Link ]

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"Saving children’s lives is the best deal in philanthropy." Melinda and Bill Gates's annual letter is a must-read. [ Link ]

Warren Buffett’s Best Investment
The saddest thing about Piers Morgan is that he wants to be a supervillain, but he isn't smart or competent enough. [ Link ]

J.K. Rowling on Twitter
A few book recommendations: Last night, I roared through Binti: Home by @Nnedi. The best $3 I've spent in a while. [ Link ]

Binti: Home
Excellent example of a comma splice. [ Link ]

Donald J. Trump on Twitter
If Google Play gets YouTube's music library, Google Play will instantly become BY FAR the best streaming service. [ Link ]

Music teams from YouTube and Google Play combine
P.S. Five-Days-Ago-John made you a playlist to listen to after you watch the video: [ Link ] - rhr

John's Important Songs Playlist - YouTube
New #DearHankAndJohn! Episode 80, Life Is Hard and Also Has Good Things: [ Link ] iTunes: [ Link ]

080 - Life Is Hard and Also Has Good Things
My next vlogbrothers video will be a Question Tuesday. Tweet me your questions! [ Link ]

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