John McDonnell
yesterday at 19:00. Facebook
The business rates system is rigged against the interests of small businesses and is frankly a mess.

Theresa May's biz rates 'climbdown' is in chaos minutes after she announced it
John McDonnell
yesterday at 16:29. Facebook
It is unprecedented in British history for real hourly pay to still be 10% below its level of a decade ago.

Labour is committed to setting up a National Investment Bank and regional development banks, charged with delivering financing to small and medium-sized firms in particular.

As the fourth industrial revolution gets underway we need a manufacturing renaissance that can transform the...
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Labour vows to fight for a “manufacturing renaissance” in Brexit
John McDonnell
02/21/2017 at 18:51. Facebook
A Gareth Snell Labour victory in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election on Thursday will lay the foundations for pushing UKIP back once and for all.

Labour will give people hope again that their children will have decent jobs. We will support traditional industries like the ceramic industry in Stoke which I think will experience a renaissance in the coming years. And we'll complement that...
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John McDonnell
02/21/2017 at 12:02. Facebook
If you can, please join our team of volunteers in Copeland on the most crucial day of the by-election campaign: polling day on Thursday.

Sign up for Polling Day
John McDonnell
02/20/2017 at 19:34. Facebook
Just spoke at the Stop Trump demo which has filled Parliament Square. A state visit is an honour that Donald Trump does not deserve.
John McDonnell
02/20/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Join us in Glasgow and Newcastle in March for our next two economic conferences.

On Saturday 11th March we'll be joined by Jeremy Corbyn, Kezia Dugdale and Ann Pettifor in Glasgow amongst others and in Newcastle on Saturday 18th March we have Ted Howard and Paul Mason joining us + many more.

The New Economics: 2017 Regional Economic Conference Series
John McDonnell
02/20/2017 at 11:38. Facebook
Paul Nuttall is a disgrace. Speaking as a scouser, for UKIP to exploit the tragedy of Hillsborough is beneath contempt.

The whole of our movement is looking to Labour to defeat UKIP in Stoke this week. We must eliminate them as a political force in Britain.
John McDonnell
02/19/2017 at 15:09. Facebook
Fantastic to see hundreds out in Stoke today campaigning for a Gareth Snell Labour victory in the by-election on Thursday.
John McDonnell
02/18/2017 at 09:00. Facebook
A future Labour Government will help support a new generation of co-operatively owned Ubers and Airbnbs.

John McDonnell: We must stop 'Uberisation' of the workplace
John McDonnell
02/17/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Speaking at the Open 2017: Platform Cooperatives conference at Goldsmiths University today, I set out how Labour's National Investment Bank and network of regional development banks will be tasked with supplying the funding to help support a new generation of co-operatively owned Ubers and Airbnbs.

The next Labour government will be completely committed to fixing our rigged economy and...
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John McDonnell pledges funding for a new generation of ‘co-operatively owned’ Ubers and AirBnBs | The Co-operative Party
John McDonnell
02/16/2017 at 19:01. Facebook
Great day campaigning in Bristol and visit to the Walter Ayles plaque with our brilliant West of England Metro Mayor candidate, Lesley Mansell for Metro Mayor - West of England
John McDonnell
02/16/2017 at 17:21. Facebook
Labour will build over a million new homes and tackle the broken private rented sector so our children won’t grow up in damp, overcrowded and insecure housing.

That includes a commitment to build council housing again.
I welcome the review of the Treasury by Bob Kerslake, former head of the Civil Service.

Labour will rewrite the rules at the Treasury so no community is left behind.

Read about it here: [ Link ]
My message to the Chancellor Philip Hammond this morning:

"This is your fault for not giving an extra penny to the NHS at the Autumn Statement. We can't wait until the Budget in March for this to be resolved."
The Government trying to kill off the UK solar industry makes absolutely no sense - we need to think about the future.

Government accused of trying to kill off UK solar industry before it can become the cheapest form of electricity
Labour in government will oversee the greatest transfer of power to the North of England since the Industrial Revolution. Watch our video and share your ideas with us at
This is disgraceful from the Government. Britain cannot neglect our responsibility to relocate our fair share of refugees.

The Government just quietly backtracked on a pledge to take child refugees
This report from the IFS is damning of the seven wasted years of Tory economic failure. Rather than learning the lessons of his predecessor, Philip Hammond is pursuing an austerity agenda that will make matters in our NHS and social care system even worse.

Rather than going ahead with £34 billion of austerity while our public services are already stretched, which as the IFS say have under the...
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IFS warns of steep cuts and tax rises to fill £40bn black hole
Quite frankly the Government are having a laugh by not holding a consultation event in the Heathrow villages.

My constituents face losing their homes, schools, community centre and village life if this runway goes ahead.

Every consultation on airport expansion at Heathrow over the last decade has told us what we already know; that a third runway is undeliverable because of the huge air...
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Harmondsworth residents fury over no Heathrow consultation events
Today I joined Gillian Troughton, Labour’s by-election candidate in Copeland, to highlight the shocking lack of investment from the Tory Government in the local area.

We travelled on a local train into Whitehaven to highlight the infrequent service and the decrepit state of the trains themselves.

The north is not getting the investment it deserves. I’ve seen first-hand here today how bad...
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