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Alaska gold miners Sam and George strike it rich, and George sends Sam to Seattle to fetch his fiancée, but she’s already married. So Sam brings a substitute! Watch North to Alaska with John Wayne, on Insp TV TONIGHT at 10p ET. #SaddleUpWeekends
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"The Duke taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to be courteous, honest and of value to people." —JW Fan
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An elderly man knits 10,000 socks for the homeless using a homemade machine in today's #JohnWayneValues #selflessacts story. Read the entire article here: [ Link ]
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"John Wayne used a phrase, which he later attributed to John Ford, for scenes that were going to be difficult: 'This is a job of work,' he'd say," Ron Howard told Men's Journal in 2013.
John Wayne fans have spoken. Our socks, made in the USA, are some of the best money can buy. Get a pair now during our winter clearance sale at [ Link ]. Use code Y8FGSVZV at checkout for discount.
The dynamic director-actor duo of John Ford and John Wayne made some of the greatest films of all time. Cowboys & Indians Magazine rank 14 of their favorites: [ Link ] What are your favorites?

The Ford Wayne 14 - Cowboys and Indians Magazine
"Man gets shot that's got a gun, there's room for reasonable doubt. Man gets shot that hasn't got a gun, what would you call it?"
—As John T. Chance in Rio Bravo (1959)
March 19, 1942 ~ "Reap the Wild Wind" was released to movie theaters 75 years ago today. Florida ship salvager, Loxi, falls for Jack Stuart/JOHN WAYNE, captain of a ship wrecked on the Key West shore. However, their romance is complicated by the arrival of another suitor, and eventually leads to tragedy.

The giant rubber squid used in the underwater battle was donated by the studio to the...
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When John Wayne arrived in Vietnam in the summer of 1966 to visit American troops at the height of the Vietnam War as part of a tour co-sponsored by the USO’s Hollywood Overseas Committee and the U.S. Department of Defense, he was still in the early phases of developing the 1968 feature film he would eventually direct and star in, The Green Berets. Learn more in our latest Journal post: [...
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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by watching John Ford and John Wayne's The Quiet Man (1952), a stirring tribute to life on the Emerald Isle. #johnwayne #maureenohara #thequietman #stpats #stpatricksday
A substitute bus driver in Clarksville, Tennessee built a ramp for a disabled girl that he didn't know in today's #JohnWayneValues #selflessacts story. Read the full article here: [ Link ]
John R. Hamilton chronicled the filming of 77 motion pictures, many of them epic westerns, and captured their stars in unguarded moments behind the scenes. The exhibition John R. Hamilton: Hollywood and the American West features 70 rarely seen and some never-before-seen photographs including John Wayne through May 14 at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

John R. Hamilton and Hollywood Photography - C&I Magazine
The Official John Wayne Collector's Edition presents John Wayne Magazine, Volume 16: The 50 Movie Moments that Changed America. The newest edition explores the unforgettable legacy Duke left through his work in Hollywood, both on-screen and off, and features never-before-seen photographs and personal stories. Order online today: [ Link ] #johnwayne #johnwaynemagazine #volume16
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Get ready to spring forward! Daylight saving time starts Sunday, March 12th.

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"I saw my first John Wayne movie at age 5 and have been a huge fan ever since. Watching his movies helped instill in me the way a man should act and the code he should live by. He was, and continues to have, a large impact on my life 50 years later." —JW Fan
Today's #JohnWayneValues #SelflessAct story is about a man who saved two drowning women from a sinking car in a South Carolina river. Read the full article here: [ Link ]
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