Master blender Emma Walker challenged the whisky-making status quo with her Blendersโ€™ Batch Red Rye Finishโ€ฆ and to that we raise a glass of her very own Manhattan on International Womenโ€™s Day. Keep Walking Emma.

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Celebrate the turning seasons with a golden toast.
Give your weekend a seamlessly smooth experimental touch with a limited edition Blendersโ€™ Batch Red Rye Finish cocktail.

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An unmistakable gift sure to unite whisky lovers.
Whip up the essence of summer with the innovative and tropical Blenders Batch Red Rye & Pineapple cocktail.

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Fortune favours those who Keep Walking. Introducing our limited edition Blue Label bottle inspired by this Chinese New Year.

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Raise a glass to the green and gold. Keep Walking Australia.
Mark the new year in style with our Limited Edition Year Of The Rooster Blue Label bottle.

Johnnie Walker
A glass of Blendersโ€™ Batch Red Rye Whisky Mac couldnโ€™t get much betterโ€ฆ Then we added some crispy fresh bacon.

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A classic summer afternoon is best enjoyed chilled - just like a Johnnie Ginger.
Only look back to see how far youโ€™ve come. Keep Walking into the new year Australia.

Gold Frost recipe here: [ Link ]
Johnnie Ginger. Best served relaxed and on a boat.
Merry Christmas, from our family to yours.
Take home a classic this Christmas.
From our family to yours.
When only the very best will do this Christmas.
Make it a classic Christmas.
Pour into Summer with a Johnnie Ginger. Recipe here: [ Link ]
Experience a well-travelled whisky. Blended in Scotland, aged in American oak and finished in ex-rye casks. Try Johnnie Walker Select Casks โ€“ Rye Finish. Buy yours now: [ Link ]