The red iPhone has just been launched. If you have a red eye, this is a symptom of Gonorrhoea. Be sure to get yourself checked!
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Hey guys, here are some of the best worst date stories we've ever seen #johnnysgotyoucovered
There's only one way to say it and there's only one way to put on a condom. [ Link ]
STI's come in many shapes and forms. If you think you may have contracted one why not TREAT YO SELF to an STI check?

Sexual Health Check Up | Think Contraception
Forgetting something?
It's not only men that should be carrying condoms. Here are some discreet ways for women to carry them too.
Don’t forget to bring a condom.
Hey guys, you can cover your pancake with whatever you like but only cover your willy with a johnny.
Did you know you can have Chlamydia and not have any symptoms? Here's a list of places to get checked

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NASA found 7 new planets, 4 have possible life. Keep a condom in your pocket, to cover your rocket.
STIs can be a worry – but the good news is that you can reduce your risk by using protection.
Tinder date tonight? Be sure to bring a condom. #tindertips
Johnny's got you covered this Valentines Day!
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There's a good chance you don’t know you have it. But Chlamydia affects over 6,000 people each year. Visiting an STI clinic is completely confidential.