Tinder date tonight? Be sure to bring a condom. #tindertips
Johnny's got you covered this Valentines Day!
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If you can't tell the top from the bottom. Then you might want to have a look at this #FirstDatesIRL [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Who needs #saltbae when you have #condombae
There's a good chance you don’t know you have it. But Chlamydia affects over 6,000 people each year. Visiting an STI clinic is completely confidential.
Monday Mornings. They're a bit like Gonorrhea. Nobody wants to face it, but if you do, here's a list of places to get treatment.

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It's international hug day. If it turns into more than just a hug, Johnny's got you covered.
The lads on #FirstDatesIreland are trying to find their perfect match on @rtetwo tonight. If a first date turns in to more than just dinner, protect yourself and your perfect match, always wear a condom!
Hey guys, why not test your sexual knowledge with our STI quiz.

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Hey guys, anyone else broke from the new year? Many organisations supply people over the age of 17 with free condoms. [ Fusio.net Link ]
New year new you? Unfortunately, STI's don’t work like that. Why not get yourself checked?
Dancing with the stars starts tonight on RTÉ One. Remember if you're dancing with your star. Wear a condom. #DWTSIRL
Hopping on the Dry January bandwagon? Why not! It’s good for your pocket and your health.
Happy New Year. Let's make this one safer than the last.
Happy New Year. Remember, no glove, no love! #johnnysgotyoucovered