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#2. Urinary and/or bowel changes -- Symptoms of ovarian cancer may include frequent urination, change in bowel movements and bloating. “If you’re having symptoms every day or are medicating yourself regularly for symptoms,” says Johns Hopkins gynecologic oncologist, Rebecca Stone. [ Link ]

4 Cancer Signs to Know
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“The only reason we entertained surgery was the severity of her curvature, which caused extreme trunk imbalance when she tried to walk,” says Paul Sponseller, a pediatric #orthopedic surgeon at Johns Hopkins. “We’re very cautious about doing any type of surgery for these patients.” [ Link ]

When the Scoliosis Patient has FOP
Did you know #researchers around the world are trying to identify [cancer] driver genes so lifesaving drugs? But there's no widely accepted standard for identifying the genes. A group at Johns Hopkins University is trying to solve that problem.​ [ Link ]

Johns Hopkins researchers helping in search for elusive cancer-causing genes
"The chances of success with pregnancy with frozen eggs is higher the younger a woman is when her eggs are frozen," says Mindy Christianson. an assistant professor of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. [ Link ] (via Shape)

7 Things Ob-Gyns Wish You Knew About Your Fertility
Does my mother need to stop driving? Should my #aging aunt move into #assistedliving? Is there an advanced directive in place just in case? Read more about the important topics you need to discuss with your older loved ones — the earlier, the better. [ Link ]

Tough (But Important) Conversations
Plan now, be safe later: Do I have #insurance? Is my #medicine easily accessible so I can quickly pack it if I need to evacuate my house? Who will check on me in case of #disaster? Find out what else you should ask yourself as part of a #natural #disaster plan. [ Link ]

Are You Prepared for a Disaster?
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A change, say experts, can also feel like a loss. Three tips to help you deal with major life changes, like #retirement, and manage your feelings in a #healthy way. [ Link ]

Coping with Loss
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In 2016, we welcomed our first female #president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, opened centers devoted to understanding #Zika virus, combating cancer through immunotherapy, developing individualized precision medicine and preventing diagnostic errors, made important progress in our ability to detect colon #cancer, performed the nation’s first #HIV-positive organ transplants, creating more...
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Namaste: #Yoga classes for #seniors are a great way to get acquainted with this beneficial #exercise. Find out why yoga is worth it, even if you have limited mobility. [ Link ]

Yoga's Benefits from Head to Toe
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They’ll be there for you. Your #friends do more for you than you may realize. #Research shows that #friendships and social connections can help us stay healthier and even live longer. See how you can make new friends later in life. [ Link ]

Do You Have a Healthy Number of Friends?
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Couples who sleep apart could be missing important physical and emotional benefits, says Johns Hopkins research. [ Link ]

Johns Hopkins Health - Sleep Partner Perks
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#Osteoporosis (weakening of your bones) is a silent disease. So don’t wait until you experience a break or fracture to take action. Take preventive steps now, and learn what treatments exist to help you. #aging [ Link ]

Osteoporosis: What You Need to Know as You Age
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This week on #PodMed: Should you be a weekend warrior? [ Link ]

PodMed: The Weekend Warrior
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Turn up the radio! Listening to #music is good for your #brain, especially as you #age. These tips can help you bring more music (and brain benefits) into your life. [ Link ]

Keep Your Brain Young with Music
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#Depression is a serious illness, affecting a person’s emotional and physical #health. Learn to recognize the symptoms of this disease so you can get the help you (or a loved one) needs. [ Link ]

Depression: What You Need to Know as You Age
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Did you know that another set of ears can ease your health care journey? [ Link ]

The Power of a Health Care Advocate
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Is a daily #vitamin the ticket to #health? Not quite, say researchers. Of all of the multivitamins available, only one supplement (for one specific population) has been shown to have any benefit. [ Link ]

Is There Really Any Benefit to Multivitamins?
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#Hip #fractures can be physically and emotionally devastating. These steps can lower your risk and keep your body #healthy and strong. [ Link ]

Hip Fractures: Five Powerful Steps to Prevention
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Now hear this! #Hearingloss affects one is five Americans. The good news: Treatment options for ailing ears are growing. From #cochlear implants to amped up #hearingaids, Johns Hopkins experts offer the latest and greatest solutions for #hearing loss. [ Link ]

Hearing Loss: Answers from Experts Andrea Marlowe and Kim Webster
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Research shows doing the right #exercises, and even eating the right foods, can protect against torn ligaments. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a torn #ACL. #athleticgirlsbreaktheinternet #girlpower [ Link ]

Preventing ACL Tears: 4 Tips for Girls and Women