As we reflect on all the #LittleWonders we’ve encountered together this past year, we can’t help but to smile from ear to ear!

At JOHNSON’S®, we understand how important your babies’ firsts are. As we progress into another year with your family, learn more about JOHNSON’S® firsts and our continued commitment to making safe products deeply rooted in science and love: [ Link ]
For over 120 years, we have been part of an enduring promise — a promise every parent whispers to their baby: “I will love you, protect you and give you a safe place where you can grow and fulfill your dreams.”

This holiday season, we thank you for allowing us to help you keep that promise with our products — and for working with us to create a healthy future for your baby, today and for...
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Ever ponder what your #LittleWonders dream about at night? We love this sweet picture that Lady Marielle shared with us of her little one, after using our clinically proven 3-step BEDTIME® Routine. Hear more about her experience here: [ Link ]

With more than a decade of scientific partnerships with behaviour and sleep experts, we know just how important a good night’s sleep is to the...
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What comforts your #LittleWonders? Do they reach for their pacifier, teddy bear or blanket?

At JOHNSON'S®, your babies’ sense of comfort is important to us…and so is yours. We are committed to working with moms, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our products continue achieving the highest JOHNSON’S® baby standards that you can trust.
Your baby’s skin is different than adult skin. It may look perfect, but it is very delicate and needs extra special care throughout the first years of life…especially as the air gets colder and dryer.

So when caring for your #LittleWonders, try the mild and gentle cleansers and moisturizers that we developed especially for baby, like JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® baby wash and JOHNSON’S® baby lotion.
How are you dressing your little crawler for their first Halloween? We want to see!

Thank you Barbara Eden for sharing this adorable photo of Cade as a ladybug last year! Share your #LittleWonders costumes in the comments below!
When parents shared their preferences for product ingredients, we listened, researched the best alternatives and responded. Every time we change a formulation it goes through our five-level safety assurance process to ensure that it meets or exceeds government standards and the high standards we expect of ourselves.

Find out more about how we’ve recently evolved our products at [ Link ].
Over one billion people trust the quality and safety of our products. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that every JOHNSON’S® product meets or exceeds local government standards, as well as stringent NA and EU safety guidelines. Have questions about our products? Check out [ Link ].
Babies are learning everything about the world around them for the first time, experiencing #LittleWonders at every turn. Your baby’s first emotional bonds are built from your physical contact, and these serve as the foundation for their emotional and intellectual development later in life.

At JOHNSON’S®, we believe this to be truly special. This is why we are advancing research that reveals...
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This Thanksgiving is bound to be particularly meaningful for you— after all, what can inspire deeper gratitude than your #LittleWonders?

We’re thankful to have helped pioneer baby science and set global standards in baby skincare for more than 125 years -- for you and the generations of families who have counted on us.
This simple vow is why, at JOHNSON’S® Baby, your trust is key – and keeping Our Safety & Care Commitment is the most important thing we can do to earn that trust. We’re always listening to you – so that we can improve our products and you can have complete peace of mind whenever you bring your baby home. Check out [ Link ].
As a parent, there are so many #LittleWonders to witness as your child discovers the world. Share one of your favourite moments and tag #LittleWonders.
Everyday moments between mom and baby are special, no matter how big or how small they are. We hope you enjoy these #LittleWonders with your baby each day.
From bath time splashes to nighttime coos, JOHNSON’S® baby products are always there to help you make every little moment even more magical. #LittleWonders
Numbers matter to us too: 8,000+ clinical trials. 12,000+ ingredients screened. 550,000 participants. Every JOHNSON’S® product is backed by science and designed for baby. Learn more about what goes into our products at [ Link ].
In studies, babies bathed with a scented bath product (compared to those who weren’t) spent nearly 25% less time crying before sleep.

Make bath time a gentle and calming time to soothe your baby! JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® bath, wash and lotion are formulated with NATURALCALM® essences, a unique blend of natural lavender, chamomile essences with relaxing properties for your baby. #TonightWeSleep
Bath time is the perfect way to start your baby’s pre-bed routine.

Our JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Routine incorporates bath time and massage, two key rituals that help engage your baby’s sense of smell and touch while strengthening your bond and preparing her for a good night’s sleep. #TonightWeSleep
Over one billion people trust the quality and safety of our products. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that every JOHNSON’S® product meets or exceeds local government standards, as well as stringent NA and EU safety guidelines. Have questions about our products? Check out [ Link ].
Moms report that sleep is the #1 challenge for their families. As the #1 baby skin care brand, we have pioneered baby sleep research and have continued to uncover the benefits of sleep for happy, healthy baby development.

We’ve even developed the JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME™ Baby Sleep App so you can set up a routine to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. #TonightWeSleep
Who doesn’t love a massage before bed? A warm bath, followed by a soothing massage and quiet time, helps baby feel relaxed before bed, and JOHNSON’S baby bath and lotion includes aromas designed to help soothe and calm baby! Click to learn more: [ Link ]