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There’s never been a judge harder to please than Melissa in the history of #TheSausageDome. Mainly because the bold Big Game snack battle just started. Watch the series now!
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How does Dynamite Bill save the town of Johnsonville, the Johnsonville facility and all the summer sausage inside? See how at
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Accessorize a traditional Spinach Dip appetizer with some meaty flair-- mixing spinach together with Johnsonville Italian or Mild Ground Sausage in this Reverse Spinach Dip Balls recipe is a yummy twist on a party favorite. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think! [ Link ]
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Turn up the sausage! The stakes are just as high in the second episode of the Internet’s only game-day sausage showdown: #TheSausageDome! Watch below. Warning: may cause Johnsonville cravings.
Sausage reheats better than almost anything you can put on the grill. When the schedule gets nuts, our Johnsonville Members know the right tricks to deliver delicious meals all week. It's simple: cook your sausage once, enjoy it twice in two or more of your favorite, convenient recipes! Johnsonville Member Joe explains more..
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He keeps the smoke pits smoking. Now Jarrod will keep sausage fans on their toes as a judge on the Internet’s only reality sausage-recipe competition of 2017 so far: #TheSausageDome. Watch the first episode now!
Delicious and healthy, Johnsonville's fully cooked Chicken Sausage Links satisfy healthier eating without compromising on taste, so your new year resolutions can be fresh and tasty! With 50% less fat, our premium cuts of chicken are full of flavor and variety. Find one of four Chicken Sausage Link flavors nearest you and start creative cooking! [ Link ]
Part man, part ex-pro-football player, all Bob. Watch Bob judge game-day snacks like he’s never done before—because he’s never done it before—in #TheSausageDome!!! Watch now!
Looking for a quick but delicious appetizer? Waste no time delighting your guests with these crowd-pleasing Sausage Dippers! Experiment with different Johnsonville Smoked Sausage flavors such as Beddar with Cheddar, Jalapeño & Cheddar or Chili Cheese, Smoked Turkey, Turkey with Cheddar or Polish Kielbasa. Then throw in your favorite dipping sauces and this dish is ready to go! Recipe at: [...
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The Sausage Six- Johnsonville's elite panel of judges in the greatest game-day sausage reality show on the internet, #TheSausageDome!
A loving father, an Italian grandma and a celebrity chef walk into a high-stakes snack battle, but only one will win a pile of sausage in...#TheSausageDome!!! Watch now!!!
They came, they saw, they grilled.
Thanks to all the fans who made Johnsonville Members Nick & Brett feel at home in SEC country!
Add color and explosive flavor to the menu with our Apple Chicken Sausage Stuffed Peppers. A sweet and savory meal that's easy to hold, and even easier to eat! Get the recipe here: [ Link ]
Show your Lambeau pride today, and upload pictures from your Lambeau Field experience to our "I Was Here" filter. Don't forget to share your picture to our wall too, so we can see your part of Lambeau history! Customize your graphic at:
What’s your Lambeau Fan Ranking? Do you rank higher than your friends and family? Take our quiz and select the iconic moments you saw in person to find out at
This robust and hearty chili is perfect for entertaining a crowd on Game Day! Get the #recipe here: [ Link ]
Meet the Sausage Six, an elite panel of Johnsonville sausage experts (with no official food judging experience), ready to decide which dishes make it in the Sausage Dome. What is the Sausage Dome, you ask? Stay tuned next week!
It's official: Johnsonville Members not only make the best sausages, but some pretty darn good commercials, too… and that's according to the experts, YOU! Our "Regular Speed Chase" ad by Johnsonville member Brett was recognized by Ace Metrix as the Most Creative Ad of 2016 based on viewer response! And we can't forget "Jeff and His Animal Friends" with an earlier nod in 2016 as a Top...
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Happy National Spaghetti Day! Spaghetti and Meatballs gets even easier and more flavorful with our Classic Italian Style Meatballs. Get the recipe here: [ Link ]
As if we needed any more reasons to celebrate today, it's National Bloody Mary Day! So you know we're ringing in 2017 with a special bloody mary recipe! Get the recipe for our Bratty Mary here: [ Link ] and Happy New Year, everyone!