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With a limited knowledge of cocoa farming, Hayford Otoo started to lose faith that he could ever make a living from it. Then, he enrolled in the CARE Farmer Business School and everything changed.

"CARE’s presence in my community has been very helpful; I now earn enough income to meet my family’s needs because my production has increased.” Said Otoo.

Farmer Revamps Cocoa Production
Join My Village
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As Mc Tan, a tobacco farmer, worked to champion women’s empowerment activities through his VSLA, fellow men in his village laughed at him and discouraged him. But now, those who once laughed are joining him and are benefiting from his efforts, which have created lasting benefits to families in his village.

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Hooked by Their Unity
See what many little inspiring stories can lead to. CARE
Cyrille’s village depends on a contaminated water source that has sickened them for years. CARE is working with the villagers to fix this:

Building Resilient Communities with Community Development Committees
Through Join My Village, a program of CARE, young girls are provided with an education and the confidence they need to believe that their dreams can become reality.

Muskaan: A Girl Who Never Stops Smiling
Kiran and her father refused to let a leg disability get in the way of her education. Now, she is in year 7 and is pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.

Not Letting an Unbendable Leg Bend Her Dreams
"Evelesi's goat provides nourishing milk to the family and is also an extra source of income, since they sell the extra milk at the local market.

Give the gift of a goat today and create lasting change for someone: [ Link ]

Give a Goat, Make a Difference
Join My Village, a program of CARE, helps young women in rural Malawi and beyond to access secondary education. The girls gain academic and life skills and receive the necessary resources to improve their growing minds.

Nurturing Growing Minds
Since 2009, Join My Village, a program of CARE, has reached more than 18,000 adolescent girls in Malawi, and more than 1000 of them have received scholarships.

Education is Important Preparation for the Long Run in Life
The Village Saving and Loan Associations that Join My Village has facilitated have transformed the lives of many households in the Kasungu district. Families that were on the brink of crisis have found relief after family income is increased and stabilized thanks to VSLAs.

Light in the Mist of Turbulence
Liveness was struggling with the pangs of poverty and feared for her family. Joining a VSLA changed that and now, her small business is thriving.

Light in the Midst of Turbulence
Happy Thanksgiving from Join My Village! We have many blessings to be thankful for, yet there is so much more work to be done.
Although she’s from a poor background, Muskaan now has many reasons to smile.

Muskaan: A Girl Who Never Stops Smiling
Advanced farming practices advocated by CARE and Cargill, like intercropping, have increased farmer incomes to a point where they can now comfortably support the needs of their families and afford school costs.

Improved Livelihood Equals Educated Children
"Education is like a light that takes away darkness in the brain. Even with the little education I have attained, I am enjoying VSLA and I believe I will achieve more."

Literacy and VSLAs
Join My Village supports CARE programs in education, food & agriculture, and economic empowerment. Learn more: [ Link ]

Join My Village
In Malawi, especially in the rural areas, education is a luxury, especially for women. See why VSLAs are so important.

Literacy and VSLAs
Although Aicha had to drop out of school at age 15, her hard work and determination, along with help from her VSLA, has allowed her to become self-sufficient.

VSLA Gives Hope to a School Dropout
Cocoa farmers in rural Ghana are reaping the benefits of their hard labour with the support of the Cargill-General Mills- CARE intervention.

Improved Livelihood Equals Educated Children
Education provides another path for girls in India, who otherwise are likely to be married off at a young age, before they have the chance to pursue their own goals.

Educating Self to Educate Family