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John McCain was himself when he described his feeling towards the press to express a very important point about our democracy.

Senator John McCain to NBC Chuck Todd: I hate the press. I hate you (VIDEO)

Two friends, Right and Left, discuss their different perspectives on Obamacare.

Charlotte and Janie Talk About Health Care

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"The legislation would require a woman seeking an abortion first to obtain written permission from her sexual partner. It would also require her to provide his name to her doctor and would forestall the procedure if the man wanted the opportunity to challenge paternity."
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Oklahoma Lawmakers Want Men to Approve All Abortions

It is time to subpoena Trump and them all. Hands on the Bible for the second time in a few days. Subpoena those tax records first.

Subpoena the man; put him under oath (UPDATED)

Georgetown Craigslist ad: Roommate wanted: No Trump supporters. Why?


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Roommate wanted: No Trump supporters

Feb. 19 Japanese-American Internment Day of Remembrance. #DayOfRemembrance

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A pause to reflect on things made less visible by the press conference storm. #StayInvolved
What if the government had to earn your tax dollars?
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Tax Revolution Institute
Audit the IRS
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“I’m worried — based on early indications — that we can be in for a major shift in the culture around science and technology and its eminence in government. We appear to have a president now that resists facts that do not comport to his preferences. And that bodes ill on the Obama Administration’s emphases on scientific integrity, transparency, and public access” — John Holdren.

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Obama’s top science adviser’s guide to navigating the Trump era

"Trump and his congressional Republican allies intend to exploit these tensions to the max. But their threat to workers, the earth’s climate, and society as a whole make cooperation against them imperative for both organized labor and the climate protection movement. "
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How Labor and Climate United Can Trump Trump

“They” were the soldiers who rounded up the Okas and thousands of other Japanese-Americans and shipped them off to internment camps during World War II, something the young Seishi could not fully understand.
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The Pontiac Tribune

75 years later, Japanese detainees reflect on painful part of U.S. past

I wish this were #FakeNews. Perhaps those concerned about the cost of #ObamaVacations should turn their attention to these spendy habits

President's family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ — at taxpayer expense

"Someone who has not been given the attention he so richly deserves is Steven Mnuchin, the new secretary of the Treasury

Mnuchin distinguished himself by making out like a bandit during the worst financial crisis our country has faced since the Great Depression."

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Steve Mnuchin, foreclosure king, now runs your US Treasury

Joy-ann Reid gave ex-Congressman J.D. Hayworth and host of Newsmax Prime as much latitude as she could but ultimately had to kick him off of her show.

Joy-ann Reid kicks ex-congressman J.D. Hayworth off her show for racist comments (VIDEO)

"Mesa quickly drew his firearm and shot Hernandez in the head, court papers say. Mesa and other Border Patrol agents who swarmed the scene didn’t provide the boy medical aid of any kind. Instead, they got back on their bikes and left. Hernandez died on the spot."
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Supreme Court to Decide whether Constitution Grants Protections to Mexican Boy Killed by U.S. Patrol

Want to attend a Congressional Town Hall during the current recess? Thanks to Town Hall Project it is easy to find yours. #StayInvolved
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Town Hall Project