"We’re allowing a mindset of “anything Trump does is wrong”—coupled with lightning-speed historical revisionism for the Obama era—to sustain the same mistakes in the war on terror that have continued to fuel radical Islam. But there may be a window of opportunity to turn the anti-Trump rhetoric into a review of the failed policies of the last decade and a half."

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Does It Matter Who Pulls the Trigger in the Drone Wars?

It's inconsistent that mal-defined pro-lifers want to give an unlimited choice to individuals to choose any health insurance or none at all with ACA repeal.

OK 'pro-lifers', since ACA repeal will kill tens of thousands can we count on you?

The Trump administration has quietly appointed a Heritage Foundation staffer who has railed against civil rights protections for transgender patients as director of the federal agency charged with …

Heritage Foundation Alum Critical of Transgender Rights to Lead HHS Civil Rights Office

That awkward moment when yo realize it isn't all about 1 party (SC)

At Press Conference, Paul Ryan Diagnosed His Failure But Can't Take The Medicine. (VIDEO)

Outside the Washington DC Convention Center protesting AIPAC2017 with News2Share
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I Take Liberty With My Coffee
Joy-ann Reid pointed out a reality that most failed to cover appropriately. The utter cruelty of the Trumpcare bill doomed it more than anything else.

Joy-Ann Reid: Cruelty to this bill apparent even to Republican voters who were shocked (VIDEO)

Fundamental differences about fundamental issues. From the Right and from the Left, two friends continue their conversation: health care, education, Planned Parenthood and the nature/function of government.

Charlotte and Janie Talk about Government: What is it and what is it for?

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I keep hearing about "unity" and "healing the divide." And I'd love to see that happen. But how can we reach out to people who find our intolerance of their intolerance intolerable?

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Being Tolerant Does Not Mean I Have To Tolerate Your Intolerance

New York (GPA) – A report was issued this morning by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) that found Israel’s treatment of Palestinians fits the definition of aparth…

UN Agency Calls Israeli Policy What it is: Apartheid

The joke Bill Maher made about crafting legislation is funny but unfortunately very sad as we have given the power of government to undeserving neophytes.

Bill Maher: Republicans just have to admit crafting legislation is just not their thing (VIDEO)

Mike Flynn has apparently been turned by the FBI to be a witness against his former boss, Donald Trump.


[ Rawstory.com Link ]

CNN analyst: Sources say Mike Flynn may have turned on Trump and become a witness for the FBI

Let’s Make History We Want to Remember is a collaborative video project about how immigrants have been targeted and scapegoated throughout US history, and a ...

Make History to Remember

Let’s Make History We Want to Remember is a collaborative video project about how immigrants have been targeted and scapegoated throughout US history, and a ...

Churchill: “The arts are essential to any complete national life. The State owes it to itself to sustain and encourage them….Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the reverence and delight which are their due.”

Ask yourself, "how did we get here?"#GetMoneyOut #StayInvolved
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Some perspective for those who advocate hate.
“You can’t say ‘science is for everyone’ and then don’t send an invitation out to everybody” — Danielle Lee.

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The March for Science is forcing science to reckon with its diversity problem

"Katharine Hayhoe is a Texan, an evangelical Christian, and a climate scientist. She’s on a mission to convince skeptics, many of whom share her faith, that climate change is not a liberal hoax. “Global Weirding,” a PBS-produced web series that Hayhoe hosts, addresses everything from climate science to the Bible, arguing among other things that Christians should take a stand on climate change....
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Inside the Climate Science Witch Hunts - Harvard Political Review