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Will be doing a reading at lit.COLOGNE tonight. Very excited to see what German readers think about my new book.


This is how glaciers in Iceland are melting. Climate change is a complex phenomenon. There is so much we don't know. But what we know for sure is that our planet is getting warmer, glaciers are melting all over the world and sea levels are rising very fast.

Skaftafellsjökull sést ekki lengur – myndir

Wonderful show! If you don't like Houston it's probably because you have never been there. I love this city and I'm amazed by it's rich culture regularly. Just the name brings warmth to my heart. Houston-where minorities are the majority. It's cities like Houston that make America great. Greatness is not wealth or pride or power. It's people. And Houston, Texas I love you and all your...
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houston bourdain

Houston is where its @

Five Syrian families, part of a new group of Syrian refugees invited by the Icelandic Government to settle in Iceland were received by President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson this afternoon. The President told them that Iceland wanted to show compassion, tolerance and an open mind.

Icelandic President invites Syrian refugees to his official residence

When I was growing up many people assumed I was dumb. My teacher, who was my teacher for many years, told my parents that I had problems at school mostly just because I was stupid. Every time I sign a book I have to ask what year it is and when I sign the next book I have to ask again because I keep forgetting. I have walked into a bakery to pick up subscription drugs. I have a really hard...
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From learning disabilities to $3bn

“We’re looking here because of the sagas,” says Bolender. “Nobody would have ever found L’Anse aux Meadows if it weren’t for the sagas.”

Discovery Could Rewrite History of Vikings in New World

This is the main reason why I have been going to Houston Texas. I have been working with the research center on some really exciting projects. The reality of the changing climate in the world is to me both fascinating and terrifying and I feel a need to try and address it somehow. CENHS, Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciencesis the only research center in the world...
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CENHS @ Rice!

Ragnar Hansson, a very good friend of mine and one of the founding members of the Best party made this excellent drone video of the beauty of Iceland. Please watch it and if you like it, LIKE it!

Myndband 3

Dear friends all around the world. Please sign and share!

Before Trump wrecks our climate

Jón Gnarr: vas dir que recomanaries a Trump que es llegís llibres sobre el canvi climàtic, si és que sap llegir, vas precisar

Carta a l'alcalde de ReyKjavík: 'Tu i Trump'

The Spanish translation of The Indian by publisher Editorial Funambulista. Forlagið útgáfa Klett-Cotta Verlag

El indio | Editorial Funambulista

My book on my political experience is now out in Korean. I hope it will inspire change in North Korea. Maybe a Best party?

새로운 정치 실험, 아이슬란드를 구하라

'What possible hope have they got? We’ve got five million customers every week – they’ve got 300,000 people living there.
‘So we’ve got more of a claim on the name than they have. The name is ours really.’

Sorry Icelanders, the name is ours, says frozen food supermarket boss

She can move to Iceland now. She may have to spell her name with an "í" instead of an "i" but that's easy. As Jolie is not an accepted family name in Iceland she could simply change her last name to Jonsdottir. She is the daughter of Jon. But she would have to spell it with an "ó" instead of an "o": Angelína Jónsdóttir

Iceland allows ‘Angelina’ after expanding list of permitted baby names