DJ set at Elevate Festival 2017 this weekend in Graz, Austria.
Curating a night at fabriclondon. I'll be DJing, trying out some of the new tunes I've been writing. Tickets on sale now ..
Please sign this if you, like me, have had vastly positive, even life-changing experiences through the careful use of psilocybin mushrooms as medicine, or simply if you believe that it should be your choice what you do with your body, hurting no one else.

Also check out and donate to The Psychedelic Society.

Petition · Relegalise the supply and possession of psilocybin ('magic') mushrooms
Fucking awesome new tune from one of my favourite artists Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake - 'DEGREELESSNESS feat. Prurient'
NYE / GLASGOW. DJing at the Arts School with Nathan Fake, Nightwave, Barker and more

NYE @The Art School w/Jon Hopkins & guests

Tickets for this are now on sale. All proceeds go towards helping pregnant women and children stuck in refugee camps survive the winter. I'll be DJing alongside Daphni, Skream and loads more.

Jon Hopkins, Daphni, Skream, More to Play First Rave for Refugees Shows

DJing in London to benefit Help Refugees with Daphni, Eats Everything, Skream and Faithless. Details below. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 9am.

Rave For Refugees - Help Refugees
My debut album, Opalescent, was released 15 years ago on Just Music. To celebrate this it has been remastered and pressed to vinyl for the first time. Thank you all so much for supporting me for such a weirdly long time and making it possible for me to continue to make these albums. I am making good progress on the 5th one, which is by some distance my most ambitious yet. There will be more...
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Jon Hopkins - Opalescent
Sorry that tickets for David Lynch's Festival of Disruption in LA sold out so quickly.. but there is a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the show, plus the opportunity to meet David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, and less excitingly, me. $10 to enter, and as with the show, all proceeds go to the David Lynch Foundation.

Meet David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan at the Festival of Disruption -
To celebrate the vinyl release of Opalescent I asked my friend Dan Tombs to make a video. He flew a camera-equipped drone several hundred feet above the Norfolk coastline and came up with this beautiful thing.

The Quietus | News | WATCH: Jon Hopkins Video For Reissue
Spoke to Loud and Quiet Magazine about the Opalescent vinyl release, the progress of the new album and a whole load of other bollocks.

Ep 10: Jon Hopkins | Midnight Chats on acast
I'm #PlayingLynch for the @DavidLynchFoundation. Who's with me?
Interview with PopMatters about things I have done and things I am doing :

Dark Blue-Grey With Neon Pink Flashes: An Interview With Jon Hopkins
Listen to my new newly released collaborative track with David Holmes and Stephen Rea. My part in this was done about 8 or 9 years ago when I first met David. There is a little more info about how the track came about in the link.

David Holmes & Jon Hopkins feat Stephen Rea - Elsewhere Anchises
Awesome studio where I recorded everything I've done since 2006. Great value rooms, lovely staff and so much amazing analog and digital gear. Cafe Music Studios

My debut album, Opalescent, was released 15 years ago on Just Music. To celebrate this we are releasing it on vinyl for the first time this August. Pre-orders here :

[ Link ]

Cold Out There (2016 Vinyl Remaster)
Los Angeles, October 8-9. David Lynch's Festival Of Disruption.