When Aksel Lund Svindal is throwing hot dogs in your face! hahaha Epic times shooting the new Motivator commercial with HEAD SKI
After 3 days, 1800km and a day at the Ascari race track I now have a new favorite car! The PRAGA Cars R1R Its simply the craziest thing I have ever driven! I LOVE it!

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Vlog game strong! RED Epic W 8K camera now with us 24/7
Limited Camo edition Douchebags now on sale! 40% of the stock sold out in the first 4 hours, so hurry up if you want one! My favorite DB to date! ;-)
Check out the new Mavic Pro drone from DJI! Full video on my YouTube channel (Jon Olsson)!
Summer mode activated! Having an awesome time in Marbella with boats, jet skis and drones! New Vlog every day!

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FREE GIVE AWAY! Who wants a Douchebags hugger 30? Perfect for a Phantom 4 drone and a million other things [ Jon-olsson.com Link ]
Best way to end the Monaco Grand Prix Weekend! ;-) [ Jon-olsson.com Link ]
Vlogging my way through an epic Monaco grand Prix week end! ;-) [ Jon-olsson.com Link ]
I cant think of a better way to spend the morning than watching the sunrise by the ocean, playing on paddle boards and flying drones!

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Some amazing places around Monaco! Check out yesterdays Vlog! [ Jon-olsson.com Link ]
And we finally made it to the top of the Fonna glacier with the Lambo! (and smashed a few gates on the way! ;-)
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The winter transporter 2.0 is out! The weather was not on our side so things did not really work out, but we sure had a lot of fun over the last 2 weeks! ;-) [ Jon-olsson.com Link ]
Probably the worlds most overkill daily Vlog set up, but have I ever been known to be able to hold back once I get into something? ;-) Full overview of all the gear we use from Drones to Leicas!

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