Jonah and Nadene Lomu
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You will always be our hero❤
Remembering our Irish roots, our Irish friends, family and daddy #Jonah's great global fan family. sheoladh ár ngrá #TheJonahLomuFamily Mammi Nadene Lomu Nadene, Brayley and Dhyreille.
It's always been the little things that count for us as a family and that's never gonna change, straight from the heart, so here we added red roses and tiles of love to our creation for you daddy. You completed our world and protected us from everything; everyday we miss you so much! You brightened up our world and we struggle to live without you...even the square pot in the background your...
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Super proud of my little Jonah Jrs. Brayley & Dhyreille, daddy would be so proud of you boys.... Mammi Nadene Lomu
Thank you to everyone I spent the last week with in PNG, Port Morsby...achieving great things together of which I'm so honoured and a big ups to the champs of the tournament taking home the all hold a special place in my heart xx your friend Nadene xx

Quirk thanks PNG rugby - The National
An absolute honour to be amongst such wonderful people, let the games begin....
No words could ever express just how much we miss you...
No words could ever express just how much we miss you...
Our little boys love & miss you so much our daddy angel, everyday we share wonderful memories of the time we shared together. They read all the messages you left behind for them, they listen to all the beautiful tribute songs great people did to honour you & we are so thankful for the messages of kindness and support sent in to us every day from your great global fan family....the people we...
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Everyday we miss you xoxo
Have a fab weekend dear friends, enjoy it with those most special to your heart...
For you daddy, Happy Fathers Day in heaven #JonahsWorld #TogetherForever #FlyHighDaddy
Thank you for the tribute to my dear life like we did, happiness is everything and all the very best in your journey..much love from us to you #TheJonahLomuFamily xx

Survivor lives like Lomu
Everyday we miss you, a night soon where we will celebrate in your honour my love with the many great people that miss you too...
A night to honour you our dear Jonah, we miss you every day...

Honouring Jonah - Charity Dinner & Trans Tasman Fight Night
My dear best friend, my Guardian Angel husband, Brayley & Dhyreille's superhero daddy...we miss you so much every day, kisses from us to you up there in Heaven. NBD-RX

Quality of rugby amazing - Lomu on Junior World Cup
[ Link ] we love this tribute song made for you daddy, we miss you so much Jonah #FlyHighDaddy #JonahsWorld #TheJonahLomuFamily we blow kisses to the heavens everyday for you to catch our Angel
Missing you so much our daddy angel but to all our dear family & friends we wish you a safe & Happy Easter #TheJonahLomuFamily #JonahsWorld #FlyHighDaddy [ Link ]

Happy Easter our friends