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Joni made a rare public appearance last night, attending Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, where she was escorted by writer and filmmaker Cameron Crowe and author Daniel Levitin.

Joni was honored as one of the greatest songwriters whose work has touched everyone in the music industry.

She had a good time and was particularly moved by Chance the...
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Joni Mitchell, Escorted by Cameron Crowe, Attends Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala: Billboard, February 11, 2017
The "Library" at contains perhaps the largest database of articles related to any single artist on the web - now numbering over 3200 searchable titles. And, there are currently over 300 more waiting to be typed, transcribed, or translated. If you are interested in helping build the Library for the global Joni community, head to the link below for more information on how you...
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Joni Mitchell - Library
Did anyone notice the continuity jumps in the book chapter posted yesterday? We inadvertently left out 8 paragraphs! It's been fixed now. It's an amazing read. After reading the chapter, help support the author by purchasing the book. Many other fascinating chapters about the who's who of artists that passed through the coffeehouse: Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, George Harrison, Gordon...
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We Are As The Times Are: Burnstown Publishing House, September 14, 2015
Fascinating glimpse of the scene around the Le Hibou coffeehouse in Ottawa in 1968, where Joni first met both Graham Nash and Jimi Hendrix.

We Are As The Times Are:
Who is lucky enough to own the StarArt book? Debby Chesher, who created the book, reflects back on the process 37 years later: [ Link ]

Joni Mitchell - Starart - Book
"It's been more than three years since Joni Mitchell referred to Saskatoon's many failed attempts to honour her as "laughable," saying that she wanted to distance herself from any more proposals in the future."

'It's a little overdue': Citizen requests sign honouring Joni Mitchell: Saskatoon StarPhoenix, January 6, 2017
This Thursday - in addition to being Thanksgiving day in the USA - marks the 40th anniversary of The Band's Last Waltz, the legendary concert event held in San Francisco. "The one I remember most was Joni Mitchell," says John Simon, musical director of the event. "The chords she played on the guitar were not standard. The guys would look at her left hand and go, 'What? I remember this one...
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The Last Waltz (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)(4CD/1Blu-ray)
Joni going out on her birthday!
Joni and Leonard Cohen, both Canadians, met at the Newport Folk Festival in 1967. "For Cohen as well as Mitchell, Toronto played a pivotal career-making role. It was Jack McClelland who almost single-handedly created CanLit, and turned Cohen into a literary star by publishing his work. Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen were both blazingly original talents on the verge of breaking into American...
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"As the remarkable musician approaches her 73rd birthday, Liv Siddall examines what we ought to learn from her, from how to dress like a bohemian waif to eschewing conventional notions of ageing"

Lessons in Life, Style and Selfhood From Joni Mitchell: AnOther Magazine, November 4, 2016
Joni's birthday is next week (Nov 7). Wish her a happy birthday at [ Link ]. There are musical tributes to Joni all over the place in the next week. If you live near Studio City CA, London ON, San Diego CA, Arcata CA, Barrington RI, Tampere Finland, New York City, Santa Barbara CA, Dallas TX, Victoria BC, or Sussex England you're in luck! Check out the events page for more...
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"Joni Mitchell startled her friends by appearing at a Halloween party 40 years ago disguised as a black man in pimp-like garb. It would be unacceptable today but times were different then, her friends argue. Others disagree. Whichever view you take, her black alter ego was a reflection of her intense identification with black music"

When Joni Mitchell wore blackface for Halloween: BBC News, October 28, 2016
More accolades for Joni via Dylan. "Joni Mitchell, with a visual artist's eye for imagery, equaled Dylan in the lyrical realm and eclipsed him in the musical."

Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Kanye and the Morphing of Literature and Popular Music: Daily Review (Australia)
Congratulations to Bob Dylan on winning the Nobel prize. There will be endless debate as to whether or not he deserves it, but this article is an excellent take on it - and it also, by the way, makes a case for Joni's right to the prize as well. [ Link ]

Joni Mitchell Library - Fascinating, infuriating, enduring: Bob Dylan deserves his Nobel prize: Guardian, October 15, 2016
Tis the season to catch a Joni tribute! Joni's birthday always brings the tributes - in the coming 6 weeks or so, catch one in Ithaca NY, Studio City CA, London ON, San Diego CA, New York City, Santa Barbara CA, Dallas TX, and Sussex England. And you know there may be more...

Joni Mitchell - Upcoming Tributes & Events
The Polaris Music Prize, established in 2006, is an annual award honoring albums by Canadian artists, based on artistic merit rather than sales. But what about all those great Canadian albums that came out before the Polaris Music Prize existed? Well, those records also get some love, courtesy of the Polaris Heritage Prize.

The (Canadian) Heritage award, which was first presented last year,...
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2016 Polaris Heritage Prize - Polaris Music Prize