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So lucky to have such incredible views while I run. Love Australia
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"But.... I love Zebra's"
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THIRTEEN year-old Cassidy Trevan from Melbourne, Australia was raped by 2 teenage boys she didnโ€™t know. The rape was set up by a group of girls who used to constantly bully her at school. Cassidy tried her best to recover. She changed schools and moved away, but 22 months later, she committed suicide. The teenagers responsible were never punished because Cassidy was too frightened to make an...
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This is the cap and maraca that Hugh Jackman autographed for me on opening night for The Boy From Oz. I made the top 12 nationwide in the search for the role of young Peter Allen.

Hugh Jackman The Boy From OZ signed Cap & Maraca Autographed Memorabilia | eBay
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You gotta Love Grandmas
Soooo Ed just released this song today and as soon as I heard it I fell in love with it. I spent the day making a track, recording the vocals, filming, and editing, to try and get it posted for you all. If you read this, put the word โ€œdinosaursโ€ somewhere in your comment :P xx
Here I am singing "How Would You Feel" by Ed Sheeran

How Would You Feel (Paean) - Ed Sheeran - Jordan Jansen Cover

Iโ€™m baaacckkk!! Hey everyone, missed you :D Soooo Ed Sheeran just launched this song like 12 hours ago and as soon as I heard it I absolutely fell in love wi...

When that special someone finally calls you back...
Thank you so much to โค Love Your Melon for my new beanie. This amazing brand is on an incredible mission to put a beanie on every child battling pediatric cancer in America. โค
The Boss! And a moment this little girl will never forget <3
Photo from today's filming at Byron Bay