Here’s a fun sneak peek at tomorrow’s new #LethalWeapon for you guys! Cahill is always there to help Riggs... New #LethalWeapon tomorrow at 8/7c!
My first Facebook 360 image is of…MY BATHROOM! Did some cleaning but had to leave out my favorite skin cleanser and partner POND'S
Once you’ve listened, sign the I Hear You pledge: and help us share these heart-wrenching stories. #IHearYou
Here’s 5 things you might not know about me - courtesy of my fab partner POND'S. Hints include && #5questions #gettoknowme #PONDSColdCream
Best part of being a POND'S Ambassador I get the best beauty tips!! Here I am glamming down using POND'S Cold Cream Cleanser - The best for removing makeup & leaving skin soft.
East Coast tune in at 8pm / 7pm Central #in5minutes #lethalweaponfox Lethal Weapon FOX
Leave your questions in the comments for Jordana Brewster and Keesha Sharp because they’re going LIVE right here TOMORROW at 7:30PM ET/4:30PM PT!
Please join Cody Walker and ROWW LIVE at as they work to raise money for Paul's charity, Reach Out WorldWide
Introducing Cahill. #LethalWeapon Lethal Weapon FOX
My reason to Stand Up To Cancer is because I believe in the power of collaboration. Join me and share your #Reasons2StandUp!!
Take a look at what's to come! Lethal Weapon FOX
I’m so excited because the premiere of #LethalWeapon is officially ONE MONTH away!
Family forever #Repost @vindiesel with @repostapp
Family... Blessed to call you my sister @jordanabrewster
Congratulations on hitting 100 Million Fans, Vin!

This was our first trip together for Fast and Furious. From the very beginning, Vin knew how special this film would be. He was and continues to be our fearless leader.
It’s crazy that in 2016 you can buy anything online, but people still can’t use food stamps online to buy healthy food. Join me and Thrive Market and sign the petition to change this at
Where it all began Fast & Furious
I can’t believe over 15 years have passed since we filmed The Fast and the Furious. It was such an incredible experience being on that set, you really felt a sense of family. And working with Paul was so natural. It’s rare to meet an individual who cared so much about people and the planet around him. In that regard, The Paul Walker Foundation truly captures his essence. It’s why I’m so...
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