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Words of wisdom.. [ Link ]
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Which one are you? [ Link ]
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Did you know about this "scanography" technique? Anyone can make some and post 'em here: [ Link ]
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7 year-olds writing computer code? Sweden says yes. We took this news story & made art all about it...
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Ever taken a photo of a sunset? (I know you haveeeee) [ Link ]
Just try not to smile :)
Life is unpredictable.. [ Link ]
I'm looking for some good black & white photos. Show me what you got! [ Link ]
✧・゚:* pillows *:・゚✧ [ Link ]
A priest, a rabbi, and an atheist smoke weed together o_O
Now that spring's officially here... [ Link ]
It's all fun & games until you realize tomorrow's Monday... [ Link ]
I’m sure you’ve got plenty of pet photos on your camera roll. I wanna see 'em...
What we share is more powerful than what divides us..