Joseph Parker
02/20/2017 at 03:39. Facebook
Keeping the mind active in camp
Heart goes out to those affected by the fires back home
Team work makes for dream work
Aiming for perfection #TeamParker
You know where I get my free fish heads from?
Back at home ???? #Teamparker
Life's better when you're laughing #Barkers #Teamparker
Train hard, eat better, feel great what you think? ???? #TeamParker
Cray cray start to the day with my brother Matt Watson ???? who hungry? #enjoyingtoday #teamparker
Both these were hard to earn, which one should I keep? ???? #itmfishingshow #Teamparker
What an awesome place to stay and be beautiful views and great people next time I'm up here, who wants a fishing comp? test my skills LOL #RamadaTaipa #TeamParker
Delicious dinner with the crew at Masu been there? what a night #GreatTimes
How's it look? βœ‚ @veafonua #Barkers #Teamparker
Who you think got to the top of one tree hill first out of me and Monty Betham? I had a singlet but decided to wear my shirt #HappyHolidays #TeamParker
Merry Christmas from Team Parker
WBO WORLD CHAMPION! Thank YOU New Zealand and Samoa we did it Thank you to Ruiz for a great fight #TeamParker