I worship the ground Margo Martindale walks on. I was lucky enough to do the movie The Hollars with her and got to know the badass human behind the brilliant actor. So glad to see her at The Great Comet!
The National Endowment for the Arts is popular among members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Yet President Trump’s proposed budget calls for a total elimination of funding for the NEA. Now it’s up to Congress to decideβ€”and up to us to remind Congress of the value of the arts. Contact your elected representatives and ask them to #SAVEtheNEA [ Bit.ly Link ]

Save the NEA

The NYC Beauty and the Beast premier was so wonderful...I'm honored to have made a musical contribution to this film.
We had snow as our backdrop and not an ounce of sleep in our brains. But it was a thrill to sing "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast on Good Morning America this morning.

Incase you missed the performance, watch here: [ Wbr.ec Link ]
I Cynthia Erivo so hard. Just the greatest. Thanks for visiting us at The Great Comet
This picture is my next Christmas card hope you don't mind. Andrew Zimmern, You're the best, thanks for coming, my adventurous friend.
It's out!! So proud to sing this gorgeous song for the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Hope you enjoy.
Hey all, "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast has just been released!!! Hope you enjoy. You can preorder the album and get this song instantly at [ Disneymusic.co Link ]

Josh Groban - Evermore (From "Beauty and the Beast"/Audio Only)

I. Am. So. Happy. Today. Thank you Sesame Street for this magical day and for the memories both old and new.
Today is a dream.
Thanks @mr_groboto for this t-shirt i love it more than anything in this world.
Gonna spend my birthday on the floor with my closest friends.
Oh boy was my presidents placemat getting used today!
SO HAPPY to welcome my friend Alan Menken to the show the other night, I'm so honored to sing his song "Evermore" in the new Beauty And The Beast movie and great to meet the super cool and talented Tatiana Maslany!! YES that is a tooth on my shirt it's called FASHION look it up!!!
A Valentine's Day gift for you!! Hope you enjoy this snippet of my recording of "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast
Listen here ---> [ Wbr.ec Link ]

Evermore (30 second teaser)

Nanuk Of The North found a stick
These two. Sweetest funniest best. Thanks for visiting The Great Comet Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ben Stillerl ( @bruglikas for People Getty Images Entertainment)