Josh Groban
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Gonna spend my birthday on the floor with my closest friends.
Josh Groban
02/22/2017 at 17:41. Facebook
Josh Groban
02/21/2017 at 05:01. Facebook
Oh boy was my presidents placemat getting used today!
SO HAPPY to welcome my friend Alan Menken to the show the other night, I'm so honored to sing his song "Evermore" in the new Beauty And The Beast movie and great to meet the super cool and talented Tatiana Maslany!! YES that is a tooth on my shirt it's called FASHION look it up!!!
A Valentine's Day gift for you!! Hope you enjoy this snippet of my recording of "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast
Listen here ---> [ Link ]

Evermore (30 second teaser)
Nanuk Of The North found a stick
These two. Sweetest funniest best. Thanks for visiting The Great Comet Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ben Stillerl ( @bruglikas for People Getty Images Entertainment)
Do I look as giddy as I feel? Good lord do I look up to this man. Thank you Brian Stokes Mitchell for 1. Attending The Great Comet and 2. Not telling me you were attending tonight. #hero #thatvoice
Thanks IN New York Magazine for this great piece! Every day in the Broadway community is a great one. The Great Comet
I'm honored to have recorded a special version of "Evermore" for the new Beauty and the Beast movie AND I get to show you this never before seen poster!!!
Thank you Steve Martin and Chazz Palminteri for gracing us with your presence at The Great Comet. We love you.
The building was abuzz with excitement that musical mad scientist Reggie Watts was in the house. Always great to hang, jam, and laugh with this lovely humanoid
by Rich Terfit for The New York Times
I had a very lucrative bet with myself that I'd come in 4th!! I lost but I'm HONORED, thanks so much everyone!!! @callmesquigs this drawing RULES.

The Great Comet's Josh Groban Named Star of the Year for 2016!
When the castaway is forced into a grooming he gets nervous. #whereswilson
I can't even. Pack it up. Done. Full page Sunday arts cover?! I've spent my whole life reading the New York Times, especially on Sunday and especially arts & leisure. This is something for my grandkids (if I have grandkids, or a social life one day). Thanks Michael Paulson for an in depth article and genuine curiosity and love of the process and to Rich Terfit for letting me be a weirdo in...
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