This picture is to thank you in advance for your Logies vote.

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You always hurt the ones you love.
it's our second last episode of Please like me season 4 tonight. Gosh. 9.30pm ABC TV
At 6pm AEDT (Aust) i am doing a Reddit AMA. Come and ask me anything!

Hello, I am Josh Thomas creator of the TV show PLEASE LIKE ME. AMA! • /r/IAmA
Behind the scenes of Please like me season 4, coming this Wednesday to ABC TV.
Behind the scenes of Please like me season 4!
It’s #SpiritDay. Bullying is bad (and kind of 90s now?). Do some support for LGBTQ youth.

Take a stand against bullying.
Well, this is exciting. Season 3 of Please like me is now on Hulu!

Please Like Me
This Tuesday, American time, season 3 of Please like me. is coming to Hulu !
This is Frankie and I. We're engaged.
Only 36 days until Please like me. season 4!
Please Like Me just got nominated for 3 of the 5 Australian Writers' Guild Award nominations in the comedy category. Go team!
This is a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT cake to let you know that we are currently filming Please Like Me season 4.

You will get to watch it on ABC TV and Pivot later this year. Thank you xxx
America, make your Congress people do some mental health care legislation. Put your names on this petition.

Mental Illness Affects One in Five Adults: Tell Congress It's Time for Mental Health Reform
Filmed with Jemima today for Playschool's 50th Birthday!
I chose Jemima because: feminism.