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Make this viral ... #ncaa #nba #prayer #God #Jesus #love
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YES! This store did it right! Someone say AMEN. #shareifyoucare
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⚠ Truth about ISLAM and MORNING PRAYER!! Comment prayer requests below.
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Ban me if you want ... ITS THE TRUTH!!! Islam is EVIL.
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This is why I LOVE my wife ... #prayerWORKS #sayAMEN
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Look at this photo taken today of a British officer wounded in the terror attack .. look at the people trying to frantically stop his bleeding .. and then look at the Muslim woman just walking by non chalantly on her iPhone. ISLAM is the ENEMY people .. WAKE UP! #shareifyoucare
Hey ARIZONA! Don't miss the first ever Phoenix Suns Worship Night w/ Clayton Jennings & Ricardo Sanchez <--- RSVP HERE
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The POWER of PRAYER! Isn't it beautiful to see a POLICE OFFICER praying with someone? Prayer will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #SHAREifyouAGREE #SayAMEN
Tomi Lahren comes out FOR ABORTION ... UGHHHH!
She was somewhat refreshing when I helped her by posting her first video ever ... now I REGRET IT!

Tomi Lahren, Your Guns Defend Life. Why Don’t You? | John Wesley Reid
PALM DESERT, INDIO, PALM SPRINGS I will be preaching THIS SUNDAY at The Well Church of Palm Desert at 10:30 AM. Would love to meet you there! Its going to be POWERFUL so bring a friend. Comment below with the number of seats you need and ill make sure they save them for you .. or text 7608964940 with your info! WHOS COMING??
Hey Phoenix! Ill be speaking at Phoenix Suns Worship Night w/ Clayton Jennings & Ricardo Sanchez! Who's coming?
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Just thought you guys should know that I just found PRO-LIFE faith based healthcare ... its only $449 per month for my FAMILY of 7! Can I get an Amen? #SHAREifyouCARE
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