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6 steps to improve your compliance and ethics management

How to keep compliance and ethics on target
Journal of Accountancy
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IRS proposes changes affecting dependency exemptions

IRS proposes changes to rules for dependents
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Deloitte offers five strategies to help find efficiencies and avoid unnecessary disturbances.

5 strategies to efficiently implement the new lease accounting standard
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Learn how to tell a compelling personal story that will help you land the job you covet

Scripting your next role
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Two ways to recover a lost Word file

Microsoft Word: Find a lost document
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Audit teams and engagements suffer when members feel unsafe about raising questions or admitting mistakes.

Why audit teams need the confidence to speak up
Insight from PwC managing partner Mark Mendola on firm’s addition of 600 members of General Electric tax team

600 GE tax professionals moving to PwC
Survey data show that at least 20% of workers plan to find other jobs in the coming year.

Why workers plan to find a new job in 2017 - CGMA Magazine
The process undergirding Horne's sponsorship program is designed to maximize transparency and equal access to all employees.

How to sponsor diversity in the leadership ranks
Proper planning can minimize the risks these loans and their repayment options pose to personal finances.

Student loans: What you need to know before signing
Updates to the Personal Financial Planning Body of Knowledge provide more clarity on elder planning, closely held business planning, education planning and client relationship building.

AICPA updates guidance for CPA personal financial planners
Health care and activities, not just cost, are deciding factors in choosing a retirement destination.

Best places to retire? It's complicated
How to customize Auto­-Correct settings for all of your Microsoft Office applications

Microsoft Office: Modify auto-correct
Follow these recommendations for reducing or eliminating common tax penalties.

Abating IRS penalties
IRS issues 2017 inflation-adjusted amounts for employee use of employer-provided vehicles

Inflation adjustments for 2017 issued for employer-provided vehicles
As you contemplate what 2017 has in store for you and your CPA firm, we suggest adding these resolutions to the top of your list.

Professional liability risk resolutions for 2017
Learn how to use Microsoft’s ubiquitous spreadsheet application to unlock the wealth of information stored in your company’s financials.

Data mining your general ledger with Excel
[SPONSORED] This report summarizes recent proposals to reform the U.S. business income tax system and considers the path to enactment of any such legislation.

How the election may affect taxation of business income - Journal of Accountancy
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Advice from Harriet Greenberg, CPA/PFS: 'Know your clients' concerns before they do'

Harriet Greenberg, CPA/PFS