These three real-life examples illustrate common scenarios of procurement fraud

Do you really know who you are paying?
Accounting and auditing standards for going concern achieved greater harmony today

ASB issues new going concern auditing standard
Journal of Accountancy
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J. Carlton Collins, CPA, notes that every unencrypted email you send is vulnerable and therefore unsuited for use by professional CPAs who transmit sensitive company and client data.

Email security: How to encrypt email with Gmail and
Journal of Accountancy
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IRS issues Dirty Dozen top tax scams for 2017 filing season

Dirty Dozen top tax scams led by phishing schemes
Journal of Accountancy
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Many accountants confess to daydreams of uttering "Take a hike!" to a less-than-ideal client. Here's 4 steps to take during a client termination.

Take a hike: Ending client relationships
Journal of Accountancy
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Research offers insight into balancing competing interests inside a company.

Figuring out transfer pricing: How to set terms of negotiation between departments
Journal of Accountancy
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IRS says it will not check for health insurance coverage information on individual tax returns

Failure to report health coverage will not cause tax return rejection
How Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer PC makes the firm’s long-term success a constant focus.

Providing a future: A succession story
Whether to amend a tax return: Practitioners inform, but clients decide

Whether to amend a return
How Ducks Unlimited employed financial discipline to build vital reserves

Using surplus budgeting to advance and sustain your mission
What happens when your mentor offers you a job? Kenneth Ashe, CPA, CGMA, lived that experience.

Find a mentor, land a new job
These entities serve special purposes but require special care to manage their tax implications.

Trusts and estates: Uses and tax considerations
IRS notifies tax practitioners of account suspension for not re-registering

IRS alerts practitioners of e-Services account suspensions
Even with fewer resources, the IRS will persist in its mission to enforce tax laws. Here are 10 reasons.

Why the IRS isn't giving up on compliance and enforcement
AICPA MAP survey shows CPA firms’ efforts to limit turnover.

Flexibility as a retention tool
IRS announces new Form 990-EZ with help icons to assist organizations with accurate filing

New Form 990-EZ has help icons to aid exempt organizations in filing
IRS says it must post preparer tax identification number registration information online

Tax practitioners' information will soon be available at IRS website
As they get into the swing of tax season, practitioners are discovering that many states are requiring driver’s license information in order to e-file clients’ returns, adding to the long list of tasks required during busy season and generating some client skepticism.

Driver's license information now required on some state e-filed returns
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The best successions are neither too long nor too short.

Timing your exit