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#BeTheLight For Someone This Christmas!

Is there an organization or someone you know that really needs some help this Christmas? Tell us why and they could receive a $250,000 gift from YOU!

To enter, fill out the form in the link below: [ Surveygizmo.com Link ]

Deadline for entries: Midnight. Thursday December 15, 2016

Conditions apply.
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Congrats again Danicia Ellis!

She'll be going to Tifa's birthday party this Sunday! Stay tuned to our page as we continue to reward you for being a part of #TeamJPS !
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We have our winners!!!

Congratulations to Danicia Ellis and Chanique Mellard! You both will be partying with your friends at Tifa's birthday party - Aqua Meets Bubbles - this Sunday!!!
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Want to win tickets for you & a friend to Tifa's birthday party this Sunday?

Be the first person to answer the following question correctly:

On what date did Tifa appear on our In Di Loop staff webcast? Hint: The month starts with an S but you also have to give us the full date Good luck! #TeamJPS #Tifa #Giveaway
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#ChristmasEnergyChallenge #9

Who is the patty king or queen at your workplace? Go buy their royal highness the food they love most and bring some joy today
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The title of CEO of the Year for #PlattsGEA 2016 goes to Kelly Tomblin, Jamaica Public Service CEO & President!

#TeamJPS #Winning
12/08/2016 at 20:11. Facebook
JPS would like to congratulate Mr. Gary "Butch" Hendrickson and National Continental for taking home The Jamaica Observer 2016 Business Leader award!

#ObserverBusinessLeadersAwards #GaryHendrickson National Baking Company
12/08/2016 at 13:33. Facebook
#ChristmasEnergyChallenge #8

Yes! Tis the season to be jolly! So go ahead and belt out your favourite Christmas carol! Doesn’t matter what the world thinks of your singing!

Capture a video of you singing & share with us for a special reward
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Congratulations to Mr. Chris Zacca, recipient of the Digicel Lifetime Achievement Award for Business Development! #ObserverBusinessLeadersAwards #ChristopherZacca
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Rewards with a shine!
If you’re an e-bill customer, you can enjoy discounts and savings with #MyJPSRewards at MC Prime Shine Car Wash with 10% OFF on your car wash. More coming soon, stay tuned!
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Win Tickets To Tifa's Birthday Party!

You & a friend could be going to Tifa's super all-inclusive birthday party this Sunday! Wanna win those tickets? Join us here Friday, Dec 9 at 9AM for the question! Good luck!

#TeamJPS #Tifa #AquaMeetsBubbles
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#ChristmasEnergyChallenge #7

So you think you have it rough. Have you seen the guy living on the sidewalk? Okay, now that you’re feeling thankful, make a sandwich or get a snack and give to the homeless person you pass all the time. You’ll both feel good about it!
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Rewards packaged for YOU!
Become an e-bill customer at , pay your bills on-time and in-full to enjoy discounts and savings with #MyJPSRewards at Mailpac Services with 10% OFF freight for 1 year, FREE returns and No Duty on items less than US$50. More coming soon, stay tuned!
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#ChristmasEnergyChallenge #6

Okay, so maybe this one you will have to do by yourself...although doing this in public would be really hilarious! But laughter really is the best medicine, so have a good laugh today - even if it's at yourself
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Your goals... your rewards!
Pay your light bill on time and in full for the best experience with #MyJPSRewards. Get a 50% discount on your access key at Express Fitness Jamaica.
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And the MBCCI New Investment Business Development & Expansion Award goes to.... #TeamJPS

#MontegoBayChamberOfCommerce #Honoured
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#ChristmasEnergyChallenge #5

Hugs were invented to let people know how much you love them without having to say anything.Give someone you love an extra big hug today. You never know, it may just be the one act to brighten up their day

Be sure to capture your challenge & share it with us!

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#ChristmasEnergyChallenge #4

If there’s someone who needs prayer, it’s your boss! How about you send up a special one for him or her for guidance, wisdom and strength. You’d like it if someone did that for you, right?

Did you take the challenge? Share that prayer with us Happy Sunday!
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#TeamJPS At Climate Walk 2016

JPS Volunteers On Location To Serve (V.O.L.T.S) took over Emancipation Park today for #ClimateWalk2016! Did you check out our JPS green oasis?
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#ChristmasEnergyChallenge #3

Smiles are one of the simplest yet most complete greetings. They say ‘hi’, ‘I noticed you,’ ‘you’re special’ or ‘I’m happy today’. And guess what, they’re even contagious! So go ahead and smile and delight or even surprise someone today!