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Judge Sheindlin being appointed to the New York City Family Court, by former Mayor Ed Koch -

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
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Judge Judy
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Some wise words from Judge Sheindlin -
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Start your week with Judge Sheindlin meeting one of our previous Facebook contest winners. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for our new contest starting this March!
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Judge Sheindlin growing up in Brooklyn to take you into the weekend!
#TBT to the launch of Judge Sheindlin's latest book! Click below to download the book for free!

What Would Judy Say?

Judge Sheindlin from her interview with “Wake-Up Call” below!

She discusses the importance of being a contributing member of society. The realities of working in the New York Family Court, and the few life changing cases a year that can make it all worth it -
Judge Sheindlin's "10 Laws of Success" to start your week!
Judge Sheindlin from her visit with Ellen DeGeneres to take you into the weekend!
In this episode of What Would Judy Say?, Judge Sheindlin answers the question, "can women have it all?" Read some of the stories from our fans and share your stories with us at WhatWouldJudySay.com!

#3 Fans Topic Choice: Responsibility - Be True To Yourself; Working Mothers

“Find your passion, what you’re good at naturally, and find a way to make a living at it.” - Judge Judy

Judge Judy's Empowering Advice For Women

Our favorite piece of advice to take you into the weekend!
In case you missed it, check out Judge Sheindlin's speech at the Shiprock High School graduation for our Facebook contest winner, Alexus Uentillie!

Judge Judy Speaks at Shiprock High School Graduation 2015

Judge Judy Speaks at Shiprock High School Graduation 2015

Thank you so much to all of the fans! We hope you continue to enjoy the cases!

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Enjoy some of our favorite "Judyisms" in action!

Judyism: Judge Judy At Her Best

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