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Even your Judge is confused in court tomorrow when we have a sofa in someones backyard and a horse learning to drive?! Don't miss tomorrow's explosive show ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
Tomorrow we have a man who is extremely irate over a dishwasher and there are tears in the courtroom in our second case. Court is in session ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
On tomorrow's show we have an emotional bride and groom who were left devastated when a wedding singer failed to turn up on their special day, but does the excuse he gives your Judge completely add up? Find out tomorrow ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
On tomorrow's show your Judge struggles to keep his composure over a sofa that was making mysterious squeaking noises in the night! Court is in session ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
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They say you learn from your mistakes but I don't know whether this will be the case on tomorrow's show! We have a mother and daughter at war and with accusations of drug taking will this mother and daughter ever resolve their bitter feud? Find out tomorrow ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
Tomorrow we meet neighbouring landlords in a feud over maintenance, but will our Judge order them to mend their ways? Don't miss it...ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
On tomorrow's show we have a woman fuming that her ex friend backed out of a holiday they were both due to go on. He says he has a fear of flying, she claims he's a liar! But what are your thoughts please Rinderettes?
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Tomorrow we discover why it's not always a good idea to bring a witness into court! And a man who claims he lost nearly everything due to gambling, but will he be liable in Judge Rinder's Court? Find out tomorrow ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
Tomorrow we discover the glamorous world of....Greyhounds! And we have a case involving a self confessed hustler, but is he telling porky pies? Don't miss it ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
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Tomorrow we hear one girls brave and emotional story of extreme neglect as a child, she's now turned her life around but will she win her case in Judge Rinders court? Find out tomorrow ITV 2pm #judgerinder
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Someone is DEFINITELY telling porkie pies, who do you think it is? Find out tomorrow ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
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