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On tomorrow's show a guest gets on the wrong side of your Judge...Find out why tomorrow! ITV, 2pm #hesnotgettingjazzhands #judgerinder
Judge Rinder
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Why should your Judge pay for something he can't see? Find out tomorrow at 2pm, ITV #judgerinder
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On tomorrow's show we have two women at war! Accusations of catnapping and an argument that needs to be seen to be believed. #poogate This is a show that is not to be missed so please SHARE and TAG away Rinderettes! #judgerinder #courtisinsession
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Tomorrow we have two women at war over Kevin the dog...But was Kevin mis-sold and will your Judge find out who is telling the truth? Don't forget to tune in ITV, 2pm #judgerinder #courtisinsession
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On tomorrow's show a very unusual performer and accusations of drug taking...All will be revealed in court tomorrow ITV, 2pm #judgerinder #courtisinsession
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Double apologies ladies and gentlemen, but better late than never!! Here is this afternoon's show, there is a dispute over a scaffolding job that wasn't paid for but was there ever a verbal contract? Find out today on ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
On tomorrows show tensions run high and is someone telling "porky pies"? Don't miss tomorrows emotional show ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
In courtroom tomorrow a woman who went above and beyond to help a neighbour, but was she taken advantage of? Find out tomorrow ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
On tomorrow's show we discover a language your Judge can't speak...Hartlepudlian! So much drama over a ladies "soggy floor!" Find out why at 2pm, ITV #judgerinder #soggyfloor
On tomorrow's show we have two toy gun enthusiasts in Judge Rinders firing line and we discover your Judge has a famous child star as a fan! ITV, 2pm...Don't miss it! #judgerinder
Emotions run high in the courtroom tomorrow as we meet a mother and daughter at breaking point, but will your Judge get to the bottom of this mothers 'binge' drinking. Court is in session 2pm, ITV #judgerinder
**WORLD OF SPORT WRESTLING** is back!!! 'Like' 'Share' 'Comment' on this exclusive preview if you're going to be watching ITV today at 5pm and Happy New Year everybody, whatever you are doing I hope you're having a fabulous time!
We have had a few of our own wrestling cases in the courtroom but WRESTLING IS BACK ON ITV!
Make sure you tune in for the historic return of World of Sport Wrestling - ITV 5PM New Year's Eve!
Happy belated Christmas everybody!! Hope you all had a suitably fabulous time and a special thank you to Angela Botto for sending us a picture of her competition winning Judge Rinder bauble!! Enjoy the New Year celebrations, but remember court will be back in session Monday 2nd of January...and it's going to be a good one! #besthangovercure #newyearresolutions #teamrinder #rinderettes...
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Tune in tomorrow for a very Rinder Christmas! We have 2 very amorous dogs, two David Essex fans, 1 very bad Santa...And a partridge in a pear tree!! David Essex OBE ITV, 2pm ***PLEASE SHARE AND TAG LOVELY RINDERETTES AND RINDERITES*** And Happy Christmas everyone!! #judgerinder XX
Tomorrow we have a Rinder β€˜classic’ Landlord / Tenant dispute. The contract may be sketchy, but is the promise the tenant can live there for the rest of her life enough?
Find out at 2pm, ITV #judgerinder
On tomorrow's show accusations of alcohol and violence and a case about a very poorly pug! Court is in session ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
Unfortunately not all families are happy at Christmas, tomorrow a very emotional case is brought to court. Don't miss it ITV, 2pm #judgerinder
So the day is finally here, it's Rinder Christmas week and more importantly we have a winner for our Judge Rinder bauble! But a big thank you for such a huge response...next year we're going to need more baubles!! So congratulations to Angela Botto! Here is a message especially for you and don't miss our festive courtroom ITV, 2pm... #rinderetttes #happychristmasweek #judgerinder