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Julian Morris
12/05/2016 at 22:43. Facebook
To help celebrate UN Children’s Day I’m signing Theirworld's #5for5 campaign petition calling on world leaders to invest in early childhood development, from 0-5 years. Because it’s time to stand up for kids who haven’t yet mastered standing ;) [ Theirworld.org Link ]
"Fascism is not our future—it cannot be; we cannot allow it to be so—but this is surely the way fascism can begin."

[ Newyorker.com Link ]

An American Tragedy - The New Yorker

In 1630, John Winthrop, sailing for the new world, called for this nation to be a "city upon a hill," remarking that "the eyes of all people are upon us.”

In Ronald Reagan's "mind, it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace.”

We are the oldest constitutional democracy on Earth - an...
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Loved every moment of playing Wren. Grateful to the friends I've made and to the incredible cast and crew with whom I had the honour to work. And to all of you. X
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Vanessa before we shoot
you light the way @amy_morris1 I you. happy birthday!!
In February world leaders made a historic promise to get every
Syrian refugee in school.

Six months on, we are on the brink of a broken promise to Yalla and
almost one million Syrian children at risk of child labour, early
marriage and extremism.

Send Yalla’s message to world leaders now demanding they keep their promise.

[ Aworldatschool.org Link ]

one more from my shoot with The Laterals!! [ Thelaterals.com Link ]