Julian Wilson
yesterday at 21:19. Facebook
Hurley killed it on the Gold Coast last week with their Hurley Surf Club sessions…great fun for the kids!
Julian Wilson
03/20/2017 at 23:50. Facebook
And Finally ... Take 3: ✅ 3rd time's a charm I guess ???? #jwraw #jwayward
Julian Wilson
03/20/2017 at 23:40. Facebook
Julian Wilson
03/20/2017 at 23:30. Facebook
Julian Wilson
03/18/2017 at 21:00. Facebook
Disappointing to lose a tough battle yesterday w/ Connor Oleary, who ripped it! I'll take my lessons and be ready for Margaret's. #QuikPro #GoldCoast #KeepItSqueezy : Miller
Julian Wilson
03/16/2017 at 00:30. Facebook
The 's are feeling sharp JS Industries. Small but fun waves! Heat 8 ready to go. : Moran
My new FCS limited edition JW Pink Signature Fin and Traction Pad are now available! A portion of the proceeds from this limited release help support breast cancer research and recovery. Love how it all turned out #KeepItSqueezy #ChicksCheckYaTits [ Bit.ly Link ]
No go today but hoping to get the green light tomorrow #QuikPro #GoldCoast #LayDay : Trevor Moran
Off for the day! Hope to kick off the start of things tomorrow. Starting Round 1 in Heat 8 with Ibelli and Fioravanti #QuikPro #LayDay #GoldCoast : Miller
Always fun getting dressed up with my beautiful wife. A big congratulations to all of the world champions. Let the race begin. : Simon "Swilly" Williams
New boards felt nice : Ryan Miller
Sometimes the most fun comes out of last minute spontaneous trips : Nate Lawrence #JWayward [ Redbull.com.au Link ]
Click the link and hit ▶ for the whole edit #JWayward #16mm [ Redbull.com.au Link ]
: Nate Lawrence #JWayward [ Redbull.com.au Link ]
One from our video 'Wayward' #jwraw #JWayward
Alley-Oop ↗: Nate Lawrence #JWayward [ Redbull.com.au Link ]
I'm proud to partner up with Hurley again this year to raise awareness around and funds towards fighting breast cancer.
Can't wait to come out of the gates in all pink at the #QuikPro in a week's time! Great work on the design Mum!
#KeepItSqueezy #ChicksCheckYaTits
The Fiji way #JWayward [ Redbull.com.au Link ]
Master of the 16mm Rick Jackosup FIJI frame grab from our video 'Wayward' #JWayward
We're still live! Thanks to everyone who watched and enjoyed! ✌
[ Redbull.com.au Link ]