Alcohol can be pretty bad for you... it increases the risk of heart disease, cancers and can easily cause weight gain. Learn more about reducing the risk of some cancers by limiting your drinking.

Alcohol and cancer
Our environment could do with going junk free too!

Quit these disposable plastic items today
This year, we're gonna be our own Valentine!
Weekends mean adventure time. Now's the perfect time to plan a short get-a-way, so let's make the most of summer!
So far 2017 has been all about mind, body and soul. We find yoga is one of the best activities out there for all three!
Kai moana is a must at our table. We love these tasty cockles from Moore Wilson's at the moment!
Non potato fries are also super delish! These baked ideas are perfect for feeding the troops.
Please take care of each other when getting social. Be the host with the most!

The facts of alcohol & tips on being a responsible host.
Hope you all have a fantastic & safe silly season. xxoo
There really is nothing better than water. Our goal is to replace any sugary drinks with the ole H2O for the rest of 2016 (& beyond).
This is a pretty solid message from Diabetes NZ and Mai Morning Crew's Nickson Clark.
Next Junk Free June is gonna be grape!
Ahhh Kiwi holidays, we can't wait! What's your favourite slice of paradise?
These reasons are so worth the workout... I especially love number 9. ;)

How to get happier and feel good doing it.
Bring on the watermelon this summer!
Have you managed to keep up your healthy habits?
Bring on the watermelon this summer!
We love a bit of Jamie Oliver. This super easy frozen layer cake of his is most deff a summer hit. :0

Frozen Yoghurt Layer Cake | Jamie Oliver
It's peony season. Brighten your day (or someone else's) with some flower love.
Would'ya just look at these cuties from Moore Wilson's! What's your fave way to do mushrooms? We love them with garlic, piled high on ciabatta bread.