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Jurassic World
yesterday at 18:00. Facebook
Jurassic World
12/02/2016 at 21:51. Facebook
Life found a way. #HybridChallenge #FanFriday
Jurassic World
12/01/2016 at 23:54. Facebook
J.A. Bayona is directing the project, which is in pre-production.

'Jurassic World 2' Casts 'Get Down' Star Justice Smith (Exclusive)

Jurassic World
12/01/2016 at 18:09. Facebook
Your Jurassic costumes rule the earth. Keep them coming! #JurassicChallenge
Jurassic World
11/30/2016 at 20:00. Facebook
Must. Go. Faster. #GoldblumsGold
Jurassic World
11/28/2016 at 17:00. Facebook
What hybrid creature can you produce with the DNA of a chameleon, stingray, and pteranodon? Post your handiwork below. #HybridChallenge
Who could have predicted that? #GoldblumsGold
USA TODAY got an exclusive first look at the dinosaur exhibit inspired by the 2015 movie.

Exclusive: That time I met a 'Jurassic World' Velociraptor

Happy Thanksgiving! Save room for goat.
Way too close for comfort. #CloseCalls
The most frightening footprint.
Among all dinosaurs, the Stegasaurus has the lowest-brain-to-body ratio. #BiteSizedFacts
You can't just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct. #CloseCalls
Your Jurassic costumes rule the earth. Keep them coming! #JurassicChallenge
Mondays can feel like opening the cage of a T-Rex. Stand your ground.
Monster is a relative term. We hope these unique genetic hybrids don't come to life...#HybridChallenge
They escaped by the skin of her teeth. #CloseCalls
Using these three DNA samples, what hybrid creature can you concoct in the lab? Post your drawings below and we'll share our favorites. #HybridChallenge
Think it's a coincidence Chris Pratt's character is named Owen? #BiteSizedFacts
We devoured your #JurassicChallenge costumes. Here are some of our favorites.