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Eight-year-old Oliver has recently been diagnosed with (MDS) Myelodysplastic Syndrome. It's a condition so rare, there are only three other known cases in the UK.

While doctors try and find out more about the illness, Oliver's parents are trying to raise £120,000 so he can have a potentially life-saving transplant - [ Just.ly Link ]

Meet the only boy in Britain with disease that is baffling doctors

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19-year-old Dylan has been told that unless a cancer trial works, he has only five months to live. But even in the face of the worst news possible, his determination and positivity are inspiring everyone around him.

He’s started a bucket list of things he would like to do with the people he loves. One thing on his list is to go to Thailand and ride an elephant. His family are crowdfunding to...
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Dying teenager with 'months to live' shares his last dream

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Earlier this month, 25-year-old Amber died after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had previously been refused a smear test because of her age, despite visiting her local medical centre up to 20 times. Eventually she had the test done privately and was diagnosed when she was 21.

Her family have launched a petition to give women under the age of 25 the option for a cervical...
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Woman, 25, dies of cervical cancer after she was refused smear test for being to

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Amy was 24 when she found out she had stage 3 breast cancer. After a successful mastectomy, she seemed to be recovering well. Then a few weeks before Christmas, she was given the devastating news that her cancer had spread and it is now terminal.

Amy has created a bucket list of things she'd like to do to create lasting memories with her husband and children. Her friends are crowdfunding to...
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Help raise £10000 to allow Amy and her family to make memories and complete her bucket list.

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Last week, 22-year-old Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington died in Iraq. He had become a father in October and was due to return home to his partner and their daughter later this year.

People in his community are now raising money for Scott's family. You can support them here - [ Just.ly Link ]

Huge fundraising drive for the family of much-loved soldier Scott Hetherington, who died in Iraq

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When Heidi's daughter died a week after she was born, she chose to have Counting Crows, a band much loved by Heidi and her partner Steve, played at the funeral.

Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant, and she delayed treatment to save her unborn baby. Now her cancer is terminal and her friends are crowdfunding to send Heidi and Steve on holiday to America to see Counting...
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Help raise £2000 to Get Heidi to America to see Counting Crows

Two charity shops in Jane's local area were broken into over the New Year weekend. She's started crowdfunding to replace the money that was stolen and help repair the damage. [ Just.ly Link ]

Crowdfunding campaign launched for burgled charity shops

Nick was a single father to four-year-old Logan. When he found out he had terminal cancer, Nick spent the last months of his life finding a foster family for his son.

Logan is now with a foster family. Friends are crowdfunding to pay for the funeral and help provide for Logan - [ Just.ly Link ]

Father with cancer spent final months finding foster family for son

Max died suddenly in his sleep on the 28th of December. He was the father of two young children. His daughter is only four months old and his partner is still on maternity leave, so people are crowdfunding to help pay for his funeral. [ Just.ly Link ]

Heartbreak as young father dies in his sleep

Dave's no stranger to an epic challenge. He was the first blind person to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents, he's run and cycled from Joh O'Groats to Lands End, and he's also taken on the Marathon Des Sables, aka the toughest foot race on earth.

This weekend he started his latest challenge. Dave's attempting to run every Great Run of 2017 [ Just.ly Link ]

'Blind Dave' Heeley attempting every Great Run in 2017

Carey Lander died in October 2015. She has raised an incredible £120,000 for Sarcoma UK. At the JustGiving Awards, her mum, Eileen, collected a Special Recognition award on Carey's behalf and made this inspirational speech.

"All these stories we've heard this evening, none of you could have done it on your own. It was your friends and the people who responded from the warmth of their hearts...
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Lynne was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a year to live. She's set to marry the "love of her life", Nick, so her friends are now crowdfunding to give Lynne her dream wedding and help her fulfil her bucket. [ Just.ly Link ]

Cancer woman´s dream wedding | Newquay Voice

"Losing my son four years ago suddenly was the most horrendous time of our lives. But when my husband four days later walked out suddenly and never came home to my children and myself, my world fell into pieces. As a family we received no support whatsoever."

The incredible Rhian Burke founded 2 Wish Upon A Star so other families get the support they deserve. She won the Outstanding...
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Eight-year-old William has always dreamed of going to Walt Disney World. He has mobility problems, and last November, William was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

His family really want to take him to Disney World while he can still walk, so they're crowdfunding to help make it happen - [ Just.ly Link ]

Your chance to help young muscular dystrophy sufferer go on special Walt Disney World Resort holiday

Theo was born 10 weeks early. He suffered complications and breathing difficulties at the start of his life, but his mum and dad were able to bring him home in time for Christmas. They're now raising money to buy Sunderland Royal Hospital a new incubator and equipment. [ Just.ly Link ]

2lb premature baby fights off illness to be allowed home for Christmas

People are crowdfunding for the families of 11-year-old Zaneta and her cousin, 12-year-old Helina. They died after a hit-and-run accident on New Year's Eve. [ Just.ly Link ]

Oldham hit-and-run: Second girl, aged 11, dies in hospital

James had the best Christmas present this year. It was his first Christmas pain-free after his mum raised £50,00 for him to have a life-changing operation

Hampshire boy enjoys pain-free Christmas after life-changing operation

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all the very best for 2017
Emmy and Jake (aka Ejtandemonium) are childhood sweethearts who were given the heartbreaking news that Emmy had incurable cancer just six months after getting back together. They are spending Emmy’s last year’s fundraising for the nurses at The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and raised 100,000 cycling a tandem to Copenhagen.
The sudden loss of Rhian’s 12-month-old son, George, and five days later the death of her husband, Paul, exposed her to the lack of bereavement support for parents. she set up the 2 Wish Upon A Star to ensure other families received proper support.