Our own Dr. Ronald Copeland, senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer, highlights how our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to our health care delivery.

How These Top Companies Are Getting Inclusion Right

Pucker up with grapefruit! Just one half of this tart fruit provides 70% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, so add it to salads, breakfast, or just enjoy it on its own.
Take soup to a whole new level with this kale and roasted vegetables soup recipe from our Food For Health blog. It'll help warm up those cold, winter nights. [ K-p.li Link ]
Keep the new year delicious and healthy with this recipe for spicy chickpea and bulgur soup from our Food for Health blog. Let us know what you think!

Spicy Chickpea and Bulgur Soup Recipe

We're exploring new technologies to imagine the future of health care.

Envisioning the Health Care of Tomorrow - Kaiser Permanente Share

Any day can be #CheeseLoversDay when you stick to these healthy* options.

*Read nutritional info to keep sodium intake in check.
In our latest history blog Laura Robertson, 97, shares her experiences working at the Kaiser shipyards.

Roots in the Kaiser Shipyard

NBA and Kaiser Permanente to host second annual #TotalHealthForum #NBAFIT

NBA and Kaiser Permanente to Host Second Annual Total Health Forum - Kaiser Permanente Share

Running or walking - which one do you prefer?
Have you ever wondered why soup makes you feel better when you're sick? Our own Registered Dietitian Silvia Delgado breaks down the science behind soup with Refinery29.

Why Soup Can Make You Feel Better When You're Sick

The most exciting part about your first prenatal visit will be seeing your baby for the first time. Learn more about what to expect from your first trimester prenatal care.

First Trimester Prenatal Care | Kaiser Permanente Maternity

Protect yourself and others with these 5 ways to fight the flu.

Protect yourself and others from the flu | Kaiser Permanente

Look for a new twist on a favorite snack? Try making popcorn with extra flavor with our latest recipes from Food for Health.

Snack on This: Popcorn Three Ways

As healthy as a bowl of oatmeal, as fun as a stack of pancakes. This recipe from our Food For Health blog combines two breakfast favorites into one. Try it out: [ K-p.li Link ].
Across the country, Kaiser Permanente volunteers are making a difference on #MLKday by partnering with community organizations. Check out this slideshow of our volunteers working with L.A. Works to beautify Dorsey High School in Los Angeles!
Healthier tomorrows start here. See how care and coverage can help you and your family thrive before Open Enrollment through the Health Insurance Marketplace ends on Jan. 31. Learn more: [ K-p.li Link ]
Need a boost? Research suggests that yoga may be better than walking to improve your mood. Grab your exercise mat and start stretching!
Did you know the eye can be a window to the body's overall health? Kaiser Permanente Optometrist John Shan, OD, explains the importance of having regular eye exams.

Optometrist Explains How Eye Health Relates to Overall Health | Kaiser Permanente

We are pleased to announce Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has approved Kaiser Permanente's proposed acquisition of Group Health Cooperative in Seattle.

Kaiser Permanente Receives Washington Insurance Commissioner’s Approval to Acquire Group Health

Rethink your sugary drink! Grab some tea instead. The options are plentiful – herbal, green, decaf, peppermint. What's your favorite?